January 04, 2011

A great start to 2011

Wow! So much has been happening! By the Light of the Moon [The Moonlight Breed 2] was just accepted for publication by Siren! Also, Race the Sun is set for release from Silver Publishing in April 2011.

I am having a blast... doing what I love. It's not all steam and gleam though. At times, it's damn frustrating, and other times I just want to strangle my heros and scrap the whole thing. Do you know how irritating it is to have fictional characters argue with you?!

I have a lot of stories in the works--somewhere in the ballpark of 20 or so. My main focus right now is finishing up the sequel to Race the Sun. Emery is not making things easy on me though. I really wish he would just pull his head out of his rear end and get over the funk he's in.

Leap of Faith [The Moonlight Breed 1] is due out in a couple of weeks, tentatively January 20th. I can't wait to see the cover! Check back soon for excerpts!

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