February 01, 2011

Exciting Day Here in Evans-ville!

Big news for Keeton Fans! I received line edits today for By the Light of the Moon! Woohoo! My publisher says we're aiming for a March release date. Double Woohoo!

Also, a new series is born! Life Out Loud, the first book in my new Salem Nights series, was accepted for publication today. It's my first het story (aww don't give me that look. I'm trying to be...diverse) and I'm really excited about it. Trust me... You're going to love Quinn!

In other holy-shite news, I'm almost finished with Whispers in the Night, the third book in The Moonlight Breed series. Another chapter or so and then pre-submission edits. :)

And one last tidbit. I'm doing an interview for Breaching Prejudices, a new GLBT ezine. I'll post updates when I know more about it. Also, look for excerpts, some yummy cover goodness, and even some give-aways to come in the next few weeks. :)

Even this craptacular weather can't bum me out today! *Happy Dance*

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