March 03, 2011

Interview: Drea Becraft - Live For The Todays

Today I have the lovely and talented Drea Becraft here to talk about writing, life, and her new book Live For The Todays.

                                             Live For The Todays

Vengeance is only a mouse click away, but what happens when you fall for the one your suppose to hate. Diane Miles lets very few people into her life, and the ones she calls family, she never lets go of. But what is she to do when her best friend is dying and her whole world is about to be torn apart.

Chase Griffin is in shock when a woman accuses him of treating one of his employees wrongfully. When she takes over his system making it impossible to do his work, he doesn't know whether to strangle her or spank her until she begs for mercy. When he discovers who his local vigilante is, strangling is the last thing on his mind as she becomes his rock during the last days of his sisters life.

Me: Tell us a little more about your book. What gave you the idea to write it?
Drea: It was the combination of a yahoo loop conversation and a real life advent with one of my best friends.  
Me: Have you always wanted to write? How did you get started?
Drea: Believe it or not I never saw myself as a writer.  I went to school for criminal justice and while I did great in english it wasn't my favorite ;0)
Me: Do you outline and plan before you write? Or do you just kind of go with the flow?
Drea: I am a fly by the seat of my pants writer.  I normally know the beginning but the end is a totally mystery to me till I get there lol.
Me: Where and when do you do your best writing?
Drea: I write whenever I can, with three kids and all the other stuff I do I try my best to get some here and there.  I am not a full time author just a here and there one.  If I have 4 books come out in a year I am a happy camper.
Me: I know you have more releases coming out in the spring. Can you tell us a little about them?
Drea: The Thrice Princess is a paranormal filled with all kinds of mythical creatures and tons of love.
True Fireworks Never Fade is a short story about love reunited.  I literally wrote the whole thing in a day and yeah haven't really wrote much since lol.
Me: Do you feel sad when you finish a book? Like you’re saying goodbye to a friend?
Drea: I have yet to write a story where you will never see the characters again so I have not been sad.  But I can imagine it is coming and soon.
Me: Who are some of your favorite authors?
Drea: Oh man I can't pick just one.  Trust me there are tons and it would take way to long to list them all.
Me: Who or what influences or inspires you in your writing?
Drea: Real life stuff everything around me stimulates the idea process which is great when I have time to write lol.
Me: What are you some of your hobbies?
Drea: I read, review, and am a photo shop addict lol.
Where can readers find you?
twitter: @ dreabecraft
Me: Anything else you want to add?
Drea: Thank you for having me on your blog!


  1. Great interview, Lady!!

  2. Drea,

    Your always great to interviewing. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.



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