April 25, 2011

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Story Excerpt
Showered, shaved, and dressed in clean clothes, Rayne sat on the sofa in the den, brushing out his wet hair. "So, what do we do?"
"You're asking me?" Dante slammed his beer bottle on the bar in the corner, startling Rayne and causing him to jump.
"Well, I don't have any ideas, and I don't want to be stuck like this forever." He went back to brushing his hair.
"What's wrong with the way you are?"
"Just look at me!" Rayne waved his arms around in agitation, hissing when a sharp pain shot through his bruised ribs. Tossing his hairbrush on the cushion beside him, he dropped his face into his hands and sighed.
"I think you look sexy as hell."
Rayne's head snapped up, and he stared at Dante in shock. Was the man teasing him? Maybe he'd had too much to drink. He had a nice little collection of empty beer bottles piling up on the bar. "You're drunk."
"No, I'm not." Dante surveyed the bottle in his hand and shrugged. "Much. Still think you're hot." He hiccupped cutely, and Rayne had to turn his head to hide his smile.
"Are you laughing at me?" Dante hiccupped again.
Rayne kept his face turned away and fought not to laugh out loud. "Nope. Wouldn't dream of it."
"Whatever." Waving a hand in front of his face, Dante staggered forward, almost tripping over his own feet. "I'm going to bed." He took another step and crumbled to the floor, laughing like a loon. "Okay, I'll sleep here," he said around a giggle.
Rayne couldn't hold it any longer. He threw his head back, laughing until his ribs ached and his stomach cramped as he gasped for breath. He couldn't remember the last time he'd laughed like this. Hell, he didn't think he'd ever laughed like this.
Listening to the big, muscled, beefy Italian giggling like a little girl was too cute. Making his way over to his old friend, Rayne knelt beside him and grinned. "You are an idiot. Let me help you."
"S' good. I'll jus' here…yeah."
Rayne snorted. "Come on, ya big lush. You're so going to hate yourself in the morning." Taking Dante's hand, he rose to stand over him and pulled. "Son of a bitch!" His ribs protested, screaming at him for being a moron.
He yelped when Dante's fingers squeezed his hand and jerked him down on top of a solid chest. "Don't hurt yourself."
Dante reached up to cup his cheek, the smile slipping from his mouth as he stared into Rayne's eyes. Rayne stared back, completely mesmerized, everything in the room fading away but the man beneath him.
"So beautiful," Dante whispered, slurring the words only a little.
His fingers slid through Rayne's hair, sliding around to palm the back of his head, and pulled him forward with gentle pressure. It never crossed Rayne's mind to resist. How many nights had he spent alone in the orphanage, fantasizing about the man? How many times had he imagined them in this same position?
"You're drunk," Rayne repeated, but his tone held little conviction.
"Not that drunk." Then Dante pressed their mouths together, his tongue slipping over the crease of Rayne's lips, tickling and teasing, coaxing them open.
Parting his lips and darting his tongue out to meet Dante's, Rayne moaned softly into his mouth, loving the feel of the wet tongue, and the slightly bitter taste of beer. God, the man was so sexy, so warm, so…so asleep.
Rayne felt the man's mouth go slack beneath his just before Dante's head dropped back to the floor with a loud thud. Groaning, he dropped his brow to Date's chest, rolling it back and forth as he started to chuckle.
Who the hell just passed out while kissing someone?
Adult Excerpt
Unzipping his lover's pants, Rayne pushed the denim down his massive thighs until Dante's leaking cock sprang free, bobbing and straining, begging for his touch. He wrapped his fingers around the thick length, glorying in the heated flesh in his hand, and stroked lightly, lovingly. "I want you in me."
Dante growled, gripping Rayne's hips in a bruising grip and dragging him  forward until his ass hung off the edge of the counter. He cupped Rayne's ass, groping and spreading his cheeks, as his lips descended to lay siege to Rayne's mouth once again.
Reaching out blindly, Rayne slapped at the granite until his fingers encountered the little foil packet. Jerking away from Dante's plundering tongue, he ripped the envelope open with his teeth and set to work, encasing his lover's beautiful prick inside the slick latex.
Catching on to his urgency, Dante snatched up the bottle of lube, popped the cap, and dribbled a generous amount into his palm. He coated his shaft quickly, wrapping one arm around Rayne's waist and holding him tightly. Licking and sucking along the sensitive skin of Rayne's collarbones, Dante skimmed his crease, easily parting his rounded globes to caress Rayne's clenching hole.
Moaning and panting, Rayne pushed against the digits, desperately needing them inside him. Dante continued to tease, ringing the muscles, pushing against them, but never entering.
"Please, Dante."
He could feel the man's lips turn up in a smile against his neck just as one thick finger pushed inside his hungry ass. "Yes," he hissed, arching his hips and dropping his head back on his shoulders. "More."
"Shh, baby. I'm gonna take good care of you."
Dante's finger pumped in and out of him, setting his nerve endings sizzling and his desire to boiling. A second finger eased in beside the first, stretching him and leaving him craving more. Rayne wrapped his arms around Dante's shoulders, holding on for dear life as lightning zipped up his spine and spread to his shaking limbs.
His throbbing cock jutted between them, rubbing against Dante's rigid abs as he rocked himself against his lover. "Now. Please, Dante. I need you, now."
"One more, baby. Just one more." Dante kissed his lips, his eyes half-lidded and blazing with desire. Three fingers breached Rayne's entrance, sawing in and out, then curling to brush over his prostate.
He cried out, grasping at Dante's sweat-dampened shoulders as his balls tightened and pre-cum seeped from the engorged head of his cock. Then Dante's fingers disappeared, swiftly replaced by the blunt tip of his swollen erection.
"Ready, baby?"
He had only one answer to give. "Yes." Rayne hissed at the slight burn as Dante slid home, sheathing himself to the root. They each held perfectly still, giving Rayne a chance to adjust to the large phallus filling his channel.
When the burn began to dissipate, he slapped Dante on the hip and rocked forward. "Fuck me."
"Bossy." Dante's chuckled turned to a strangled moan as Rayne tightened his inner muscles and jerked his hips, fucking himself on his lover's cock. "Oh shit," Dante panted. "Holy hell, you're tight."
"Can't last." The need to come already overwhelmed him, the pressure building in his balls until Rayne felt he'd explode at any second.
Grunting in apparent agreement, Dante's hips snapped forward as both arms wound around Rayne's back, jerking him forward to meet every punishing thrust. He loved it. He needed it. He begged for more.


  1. Anonymous5/02/2011

    Another great story from Ms Evans...yayyyyyyy!! I found Gordost to be funny and just a little bit evil...LOL. He's adorable though and so as Dante and Rayne. For Rayne to give it all up in the name of LOVE...that was AMAZING!! I just truly loved all of your stories and this one is another must-read. Yayyyyy! :) Great job, Ms Evans.


  2. Oh, Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to write. I laughed and cried right along with the characters. :)


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