November 01, 2011

Blog Hop Winners and New Sneak Peek!

A huge thank you to everyone who dropped by and left comments!! I hope you all had a great time on the blog hop and found some new authors to add to your TBR lists.

Now, on to the winners completely chosen at random:

Congratulations to *K-lee Klein* and *mnjcarter*!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Please contact me at with your ebook selection. You can find a list of my available titles at or you can check out my Coming Soon list at

And as a thank you to everyone who entered, here's another sneak peek of When the Sun Goes Down [Howl at the Moon 1] Enjoy!

“You know that I’m not going to let anyone or anything hurt you, right?” Lawton’s fingertips trailed down Daxton’s chest and over his clenching abs. “I would lose my mind if anything happened to you.”

“You barely know me,” Daxton argued, still staring at some distant point over Lawton’s shoulder. “Give it a few more weeks. You’ll probably hate me.”

Lawton chuckled lightly, his warm breath fanning over Daxton’s shoulder as he bent to nuzzle against him. “Right. I see that happening.”

“Don’t joke,” Daxton said firmly. “You’ve known me for a whole day. How can you be so sure about your feelings?”

“First, I’ve known you for almost a week.” Lawton placed wet kisses along the column of his throat. “Secondly, you’re putting words in my mouth.” His teeth grazed over Daxton’s jawline, causing him to moan quietly. “And last, you’re projecting your doubts and insecurities onto me.”

“I’m not,” Daxton responded with little conviction. That was exactly what he was doing, but he was freaking the hell out. How could Lawton be so calm about all of this? Daxton had been around for a long time, seen a lot of things, and he’d come to the conclusion long ago that love at first sight was for fools and suckers. It just simply did not exist.

Lust and infatuation were instantaneous, but love took its sweet time. It didn’t come rushing in like a hurricane. It crept up slowly, latching on and burrowing in so that by the time anyone realized what was happening, it was too late.

“It’s not supposed to happen like this.” The words were out of his mouth before he even realized the intent to say them.

“What is that, Dax?”


“You keep saying that. Eventually I’m going to wheedle all your secrets from you, though.”

“Well, you can try.”

“Mmm,” Lawton practically purred before covering Daxton’s lips in a sweet kiss. “I can be very, very persuasive.”

“Would you two knock it off?” Ocee grumped, and something soft landed on Daxton’s head to  cover his face. “And put some fucking clothes on, for crying out loud.”

“You’ve seen my naked ass plenty of times,” Lawton shot back as he pulled the sweatshirt to him and slipped it over his head. “Don’t pretend like you don’t like it.”

“If he prefers for his balls to remain attached then he better do a damn good job of pretending as though he doesn’t like it.” Whoa. Where the hell had that come from? He’d never been the jealous or possessive type before. Then again, he’d never had anything to call his own to be possessive over.

His brain was going to freaking explode with all the conflicting thoughts rattling around inside there. Still, he wasn’t normally one to go off half-cocked and start snarling at and threatening people.

His muscles vibrated, his upper lip curled, and his heart kicked hard against his sternum as he watched Ocee watch Lawton. When the man gave him a cocky grin and winked, Daxton felt completely justified in his next move.

Wrapping his hand in Lawton’s long, silky hair, he jerked the man to him and mouth-raped him like a cheap slut. As he continued his assault to his mate’s mouth, he extended his arm out to the side and lifted his middle finger toward Ocee.

Yeah, that’s right. You like that? All mine, asshole!

“Is it wrong that this is turning me on?” the doctor asked as he woke, stretching out on the barn floor and yawning loudly.

“If it's wrong, I don’t wanna be right,” Rogue sang.

Just like that, his anger and jealousy melted away, and Daxton abandoned the molestation of Lawton’s mouth to laugh against his mate’s neck. While he felt he had every right to his possessiveness, there really wasn’t a threat. Lawton had paid no attention to Ocee, and even now, he seemed oblivious to the fact that anyone else was in the room as his hands roamed Daxton’s body beneath the covers.

“How are your feet?” Kyler asked him, stretching his arms over his head and tilting one way then the other.

“Sore, but manageable,” Daxton answered. He sat up straighter and slipped his hand beneath the blanket to still his lover’s exploration.

“Good, but I still want to take a look at them.”


“You have nothing that I haven’t seen before,” Kyler answered with a roll of his eyes.

“Speaking of,” Daxton responded with a rumble to his voice. He turned and poked Lawton in the chest, and then pointed toward Ocee. “Why has he seen you naked?” His jealousy was back in full force, and it was all he could do not to whip the covers back, grab Lawton’s dick, and scream, “Mine!”

“We’re werewolves, Dax,” Lawton answered cautiously, finally picking up on Daxton’s mood. “Our clothes don’t just magically reappear when we shift.”

“Oh,” Daxton breathed, his whole body tingling with embarrassment. Turning back to look into Lawton’s eyes, he tilted his head to the side and frowned. “Why am I acting like this?” It was completely out of character for him.

Lawton was grinning from ear to ear, though. “I think you like me just a little.”

“Well, I did. Now, you’re just being a douche bag.”

He went to push away, but Lawton’s arm wound around his waist and prevented his escape. “You know I’m just teasing you. We’re mates. It’s natural to want to protect what belongs to you, and become defensive when you feel that your position in my life is threatened.”

“And what position is that,” Daxton couldn’t stop himself from asking.

“The only one that matters,” Lawton responded immediately, the truth blazing in his soft eyes and the tender set of his mouth.

“I think I just got a cavity.” Thackery huffed and squirmed out of his bed roll. “You two are nausea-inducing.”

“Way to ruin the moment, dickhead,” Daxton called over his shoulder.

“Get used to it,” Thackery quipped back with a wink. “We’re badass werewolves. I can’t have you going around fucking up our reputation.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, dear.” Daxton made kissy faces at the wolf, earning him a deep chuckle from Thackery and a smack upside the head from his mate.

“Behave,” Lawton said around a snort.

“He started it,” all twelve men said in stereo as they pointed at Daxton.

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