January 05, 2012

A Not-so-Simple Twist of Fate

Introducing the wonderful and talented AJ Jarrett!

Fate's Second Chance [Twists of Fate 1] by AJ Jarrett

Marie thought dyingwas the worst thing to happen to her, until informed she's always been a man'ssoul trapped in a woman's body. As Marc, he's got one shot to set thingsright--by finding love with his best friend and soul mate--with only a month to do it.

Marie Carter has never felt comfortable in her own body, andit took dying to find out why. Ross, her unlikely guardian angel, informs herthat mistakes were made and he needs her help to save her fate, Ross's wings,and her best friend's heart.

Six month's after Marie's death, Marc arrives with one monthto heal Sabrina's—his sister's—suffering, and win his soulmate, Shawn. If hefails, Sabrina will never know peace, Ross will be kicked out of heaven, andthe love of his life will die from a broken heart. Will that be enough time toheal the wounds a lifetime in the wrong body has caused?

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I always assumed when I died my life would flash before my eyes, but that was so not the case. Sitting on an airplane with complete strangers as the massive piece of machinery plummeted to the ground, all I could think was why the fuck did I take the earlier flight.
I was being a little dramatic I know, but I was about to die and leave my sister and my best friend. The only people I loved in the world, plus the only family I had. I was more than likely leaving them due to faulty equipment or engine malfunction. What a lousy way to go.
My poor sister Serena, what would she do? Our parents died when I was fifteen and she twenty-two. We were all we had in the world, and now I would be bailing on her too. Of course, this entire situation wasn't my fault but it didn't make it any easier. She'd been my friend and parent for the past ten years. I loved Serena, she was truly the best sister slash parent a girl could ever have.
Then there was Shawn, my best friend since kindergarten. The only man I ever truly loved. He was there when my parents died, there when Serena caught me having my first beer, and there when my first boyfriend broke my heart. Whenever I needed someone, he was there to pick up the pieces no matter how big or how small. I couldn't have picked a better friend.
The only thing bad about being in love with Shawn was that he's gay. I'm a girl so a romantic relationship would never happen. Now I wouldn't even get the chance to say I love you in more than a friend kind of way. Maybe going down was for the best. Telling Shawn my true feelings would ruin our friendship.
These were the things going through my mind minutes before the plane crashed and I'd die. To have just one more chance to tell Shawn and Serena I loved them, I would have given anything.
The swift drop in altitude told me the engines had stalled. I heard other passengers screaming, crying, and praying, but I sat there with my eyes clenched tight. Behind my eyelids, all I saw were Shawn and Serena. Then nothing.
* * * *
Sometime later I woke up. I took in my surroundings--white walls, white bed linens, and I was wearing a white gown. My nose twitched at the sterile clean smell of the room. I had to be in a hospital.
How could I have survived a plane crash? Maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. I sat up and looked around me. I took notice of the large white room with fluffy white fog floating around the floor.
Okay, that was weird. I had to be dreaming.
"You're not dreaming, sweetheart. You're dead as a doornail."
What the fuck? I spun around and clutched my blanket to my chest. There was a man leaning against the wall. I could tell even in a relaxed state he would tower over my short stature. He had a golden complexion, platinum blond hair that came to his shoulders, and a smile on his face that lit up the room. Definitely gorgeous in a preppy guy way, as if he just stepped out of a J Crew ad. He wore all white as well.
What was up with all the white? Okay, this wasn't the time for stupid questions. I needed to focus.
"Yes, please focus since we don't have a lot of time here, sweetheart, but thanks for the compliment."
Okay, is he reading my freaking mind? I tilted my head to the side to study this apparent psychic medium.
"Yes, I can read your thoughts, but can you start using your mouth? It would make this less awkward," the man said as he pushed away from the wall.
I tried to swallow but my mouth was too dry. I wasn't sure if it was the rising fear or shock that had me unable to move or react. "Where am I?" Start slow, Marie, you can do this.
"Okay, once again, speak words to me. Reading your mind is giving me a headache and that's just poor manners." The man came and sat down at the end of the bed I was lying on. "To answer your question, you're in what we like to call limbo. There has been a mistake, or actually," the man let out a small chuckle, "a few mistakes but who's counting. My name is Ross and I'm your guardian angel."
The angel named Ross held out his hand for me to shake. So I did. After all, I was completely crazy. The dude just said I was in limbo. Crazy Town, population me.
"Girl, seriously, snap out of it. My name is Ross, your guardian angel. Let us speed this up, shall we? You remember the plane crash?"
Plane crash, plane crash, plane crash. Fuck! Ross nodded up and down. "I'm really dead. My whole life seems like a dream and I'm just now waking up." I looked around me to get a better look. "Is this the waiting room for Heaven?" I whispered as I leaned toward him.
Ross shook his head at me. Sue me; I was new to all this dying business.
"L-I-M-B-O. Did you get that? Jeez, you're slow," Ross said as he relaxed back on his elbows.
"Dude, you don't need to shout at me or spell shit. I hear perfectly fine and speak English. You're just a lousy explainer," I said as I pointed my finger at him. Okay, maybe yelling at the crazy man claiming to be my guardian angel wasn't the smartest thing for me to do.
"I'm trying to explain but you're not listening." I watched as Ross ran his hands through his white blond hair as he mumbled something I couldn't make out. "Okay, let's try this again. My name is Ross, you died in the plane crash, and you're sitting in limbo. Long story short, there's been a mistake and like I said this dying business isn't the first mistake to happen to you."
I chewed on my lower lip as I tried to digest all the info. All I heard was mistake, dying, and wasn't the first mistake. Where does a person begin?
"What do you mean mistake? To me someone dying is a huge thing to fuck up on. Don't you think?" I shouted.
"Okay, first off, you can't yell at me if I can't yell at you, and second you cuss way too much. I've always thought that, you know," Ross said as he flipped his hair back in a very feminine manner.
Was this guy serious? "Listen here, grandma, if you don't explain yourself I'm going to want to speak to your boss or manager or some shit like that." There, that didn't sound completely absurd or anything.
Breathe, Marie, everything is all right, you're not crazy. My breaths started rushing in and out of my chest with so much force I thought I might hyperventilate.
"Take deep breaths and calm down. Can't have you dying on me again." Ross started to laugh and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Too soon for death jokes?"
"You think?"
"Sorry, you need to lighten up and laugh, because you're going to be laughing after I explain this whole mix up." Ross sat up a little straighter and crossed his legs at the knee.
"Okay." What else could I say? I didn't know how to get out of this place so listening to Ross was my only option.
"Twenty-five years ago I became a guardian angel. The night I got my wings, I went and celebrated with some other angels. That ceremonial wine has a kick like you wouldn't believe." Ross started to laugh but at my lack of amusement, he went on with his story. "Anyway, I overslept my first assignment. See, when we get our wings, we're given charges to follow from birth to death and you are mine. Actually you're my only one."
"You sound bothered by that. Why am I your only one? Are you supposed to have more than one?" This dude sure wasn't gaining my confidence.
"Well, I made a mistake and until I fix this debacle, I'm stuck with just you. And let's just say you're not the most exciting person in the world."
"Hey! We are talking about your fuck–up, not my boring life. And for the record, my life is so not boring." I stuck my tongue out at him. Childish? Yes, but I didn't care.

The tearing of the condom wrapper filled the silence. Shawn shuffled around behind me until he was positioned close to my ass. He leaned forward, kissed and licked a path up my spine. I jerked in place when I felt his slicked up cock brush against my pucker. Never in my life had I been more turned on. My sex drive on average ran high but being here with Shawn made it skyrocket to heights I never knew existed. I whimpered as I pushed back, trying to spear myself on his hard length.
"Settle down. There's no rush." Shawn grabbed my hips to still me. "I want to go slow and savor every minute of this together." He dropped a kiss to the center of my shoulders.
"Okay," I squeaked out. The words he spoke were so romantic and sweet. I had to wonder if this was his typical MO with all his bedmates or if he felt more for me than the others.
Shawn's hand brushed up against my inner thigh as he positioned himself to enter me. I held my breath as the swollen head breached my tight opening. Shawn paused with only the tip inside to allow me time to adjust. I'd learned long ago it would hurt less in the end if he pushed in completely to work the lube up higher for easier strokes.
I tried to push back but he still gripped my sides tightly. "Shawn, trust me, go the rest of the way inside me."
With one hand still on my hip, he used the other to run up the length of my back then pushed forward until he was completely seated. My breaths came in short hard pants. Good lord, his size stretched me to capacity.
"Now you can give me a moment to adjust." I chuckled as I clenched the sheets tight in my hands.
"Take all the time you need, babe," Shawn said as he fell forward to cover my back with his chest. His arms braced on either side of my head.
A sweat broke out over my body and I started to think I'd taken on more than I could handle. I let my shoulders fall to rest against the mattress. After a few deep breaths, I gingerly circled my hips to see if I could ease the burn. True to his word, Shawn held still.
After a few swivels around his length, I slowly started to pull forward and then sink back down on his hard shaft. The bite of pain was still there but manageable. With a few more pulls and pushes, the ache was hardly noticeable.
I turned my head to the side and could see the whites of Shawn's knuckles as he fisted his hands. It would seem the controlled lets-go-slow attitude was wearing thin. The need to move must be driving him crazy.
"Shawn, move. I can take it," I grunted. "Please." I wasn't a selfish lover. I was starting to enjoy myself and it was only fair he did, too. Granted with a dick that big, he would have to be careful, but I wasn't worried. Shawn wouldn't hurt a fly.
Shawn wrapped one arm around my torso as he started a slow in and out rhythm. I was well stretched and lubed so the glides were smooth and easy, no tight dryness. His thrusts stayed nice and even, winding me tighter and higher with every move.
"Oh God, Marc," Shawn rasped into my shoulder as his fingernails dug into my chest.
My cock begged for attention. I needed more than a pillow to get me off. "Please, touch me. I need…" My voice cracked as Shawn sat up on his haunches and brought me with him.
I sat perched on his lap as he kept up with the easy thrusts. One hand wrapped around my swollen shaft and one hand pinched at my nipple. Shawn hit every one of my erogenous zones. My back arched as I felt the tendrils of electricity run across my skin. After my little jerk off session this morning, I knew the signals of my impending orgasm. I pushed up and fell back down hard on the cock that was piercing my body. The need for release had my skin itching and burning. I wanted to climb out of my body with the need to come. It was within reach if I could just grab it.
"Shawn," I moaned.
"I'm right here." The hand wrapped around my cock squeezed tight as it moved upward. Shawn collected the dripping pre-cum from my slit and smeared it down my length as he went back to hard, tight jerks. His hips thrust upward in a stabbing motion but not deep. His strokes were shallow.
I was held at the edge of the cliff and needed a little roughness to get me to dive over the edge.
"Harder," I pleaded.
Thank God, I didn't have to ask twice. Shawn continued to jack me off and used his other arm to wrap around my shoulders and neck. He didn't hurt me but it did allow enough of a hold for him to thrust deeper inside of me.
Ropes of pearly white cum shot out my body. My orgasm came hard and fast and caught me off guard. So many sensations had my head spinning. My body shuddered and I could feel my inner channel clamp down on the hard cock deep inside me.
"Marc," Shawn grunted in my ear as he stilled. He held me down on his lap as he let go of his orgasm. I could feel him pulsing inside of me.

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