January 16, 2012

Warning Rambling May Be Involved:

Let's hear it for Ms NJ Nielsen!

Hi, I want to start off by thanking Gabrielle Evans, for letting me run wild on her blog and by telling you all a little bit about myself: Okay I am… hmmm, damn. It really is hard talking about me. Maybe I will just insert my bio and make it easier on all of us – please try not to fall asleep. I need to write like I need to breathe ~ It is an addiction that I never intend to find a cure for. I am quite often found snuggled up in my comfy chair in my own little part of QLD, Australia - usually with my laptop on my legs as I write about the wonderful and often somewhat crazy men in my stories. My family encourages my writing, even if more often than not I do call them by my character’s names. I love nothing better than putting together the profiles on each and every one of my characters giving them all their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies. When not writing you will find me distracted by reading someone else’s work. Or, talking to Embry Carlysle about our world we are creating. I also have a young gay Gothic Russian ghost who has taken up residence in my head as my muse (Vladimir says hi!) Lastly I think that anyone taking the time to read my stuff is totally awesome.

I am not really bragging about anything so I thought I would just tell you a bit of everything

Speaking of Embry, let me begin telling you about this world that we are creating between the two of us. The series (not yet submitted) is called S.P.A.M Inc. (Suspicious Paranormal Activity Monitoring Incorporated.) It is a universe where anything can happen and where breaking the rules has consequences (Mostly).Our characters come in and array of pretty and not so pretty wrappings.

S.P.A.M. Inc. - is something that came from just a typical IM convo, where I misspelled Y2K and called it 2KY which lead to some huge jokes between us. It was that silly little thing that began the thoughts rolling. We are at the point now where we can finish each other’s thoughts. It is weird as we both like to look at pictures so that we can visualise our characters and the amount of times we have sent each other the same picture for the same character is uncanny, (and somewhat freaky if you ask me).

Our series will revolve around the operatives of S.P.A.M. Inc. and the many missions that lead them into the unknown. The first book will introduce us to Harlin Edwards and Joel (Roxy) Roxby, through their journey to each other we will meet a few more character’s that will become better known in future books. We are hoping everyone falls in love with the characters as much as Embry and I have.

The best part about this series is the friendship that Embry and I have formed. We may want to shake the shit out of each other on some days, but she is still the first person I email when I wake up. Living on different sides of the planet is a little hard, yet our friendship works. We have no secrets, though sometimes I bet she wishes that I had a filter – or an off button. If I am thinking it - she is going to be hearing about it sooner or later. We have Plans to meet up in Albuquerque for GRL this year.

Okay, what else is happening in my life well I am crazy busy with edits on The Lines of Marsden: Rules Are Meant To Be Broken ~ tentative release date is in spring at MLRPress. I am still waiting for the final cover art ~ I will be glad to see it come into fruition. I am doing some last tweaks on book to before I submit it as well.

I had a novella in the MLRPress story a day for the holidays release called: ‘Angels on Top’. After it was released I did the silly thing of caving and deciding to write more about that group of men. So I named the series The Toowoomba Boys. Book two: ‘Hunting for Clay’, takes place two years after Angels and is coming out as part of the MLR Valentine stories. (You will meet more characters that will become future stories.)

Vlad (my muse), thought it would be hilarious if he let all the characters in my head to throw a big party to kick off the year and now they all are screaming to be heard – all giving me ideas of what direction they want their stories to take. He also thought it would be fun to invite a few new people into the gang who have their own stories to tell. I can just see how busy my 2012 is going to be. So you will all need to boot me in the arse occasionally to keep me on track.

And if you think that jumble in my head is bad enough I have my daughter coming to me and starting conversations with, “Mum, I have an idea -” then looks at me strange when I stick my fingers in my ears and sing badly off key. Not that her ideas are bad it is just I have no room left in my head at the moment. I have been telling her of late – come back and tell me after February. She just rolls her eyes and tells me her ideas anyway.

Yes I know you are all thinking I am rambling right now, and you would be right. Everyone that knows me are all nodding their heads about now, or groaning, and telling me to shut the hell up. I am going for the latter. So on that note, I will say goodbye and yes I can hear you all breathing a sigh of relief. Just remember, you will be hearing a lot more of my name in the future (& I mean that in a whole non-stalker kind of way.)


Angels on Top

All Marlowe wants to do is find his place in the world with someone to love. Someone who sees just who he is.
Thrown out of home for not conforming to his family wishes, Angelo heads to the one place he knows he will be welcome with open arms.
With a little help from their family and friends can Angelo and Marlowe figure out just who is stalking Marlowe before Christmas morning? Can Marlowe win the heart of the boy next door? Can Angelo figure out that even straight boys sometimes fall in love with their best friends?

Angels on Top Short Excerpt.
Chapter One

Marlowe had always hated his name. What normal parents, in their right minds, would name their son Marlowe. For crying out loud, it’s a girl’s name! Then again he could never claim that his parents were normal. With names like Skye and Astra, he didn’t have a hope in hell when it came to the name department. He couldn’t even go by his middle name which was just as bad as his first name... Marlowe Shelby Weldon; didn’t his parents ever think of the teasing he was going to get as he got older? Obviously not, because here he was on his twenty-first birthday, standing in front of a cake with all three names on display for everyone to see.
“I think it’s cute,” Hunter said as he wrapped his arm around his cousin’s waist from behind and leant his chin on his shoulder in sympathy, or support, he wasn’t quite sure which yet.
“Cute?” Marlowe whispered hoarsely. “It has never been cute.”
“We all got unusual names, cousin.”
“At least your name belongs to a man. You have never had to put up with what I have gone through. None of you have. What the hell were they thinking when they named me?”
“That you were beautiful. Besides, Marlowe is a family name.”
Of our great Grandmother.” Marlowe rolled his eyes then smiled; as much as he bitched about his name he did truly have two of the coolest parents to ever grace the earth. They never even batted an eye when he came out to them last year and announced at Aunt Cyn’s wedding that he was gay and that his mother should just stop trying to set him up with the bridesmaids. Of course it had and hadn’t worked, as his parents had spent the rest of the party introducing him to all the single men; whether they were gay or straight. Aunt Cyn had commented that it had to have been one of the weirdest weddings that Australia had ever witnessed; she had found it hilarious that he had spent the whole night trying to dodge his own parents.
“Come on, cheer up. I am supposed to introduce you to Gene, my neighbour. Uncle Skye has decided that you need to meet new people and since Gene and his nephew are the only ones here that you don’t know, I have to introduce you.”
“Is he even gay?” Marlowe asked softly as he let Hunter drag him through the crowd.
“So why are you introducing me then, and does he even know that I am gay?”
Hunter grinned. “I promised Gene that if he met you, I would introduce him to Dextra; he thinks Dex is kinda hot.”
A giggle burst free from Marlowe. “Hot headed, more like.”
“Yup, I may have forgotten to mention that part.”
“Not nice, cousin, that is so not nice. I thought this guy was your friend.”

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  1. Ramble away, I tend to do that too. The story sounds like a very good read. Thanks

    goaliemom00 (at) cox (dot) net

  2. LeeAnn1/16/2012

    It does sound like a very good story. Also there is nothing wrong with rambling I do it all the time...:)

  3. LeeAnn1/16/2012

    It does sound like a very good story. Also there is nothing wrong with rambling I do it all the time...:)

  4. I love rambles! Thanks for yours.

    LOVE the names!!! I have "off" names for my kids, as well.

    This story looks/sounds like fun!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  5. Andrea1/16/2012

    You ramble just like me. Your characters tell you how they want to be written but they loudly suggest that I start reading about them. It gets kinda crowded in my head sometimes. That excerpt you posted makes me look forward to reading the book. Now all I need are some more strandbucks.

  6. I too, have been accused of rambling...then to have people say that I'm too quiet, and that I should talk more...go figure. A lot of people who ramble are interesting, fun, and intelligent. There brain's have just developed multi-tracks, with a lot of stuff going on inside. It's different from the droners. They are the people who go on forever, talking about absolutely nothing interesting.
    I really enjoyed your exerpt. I get a lot of my e-books from bookstrand. I'll have to check out your story.

  7. Oopsy!!! I misspelled "Their". I meant to say that their brains just have developed multitracks, and have a lot of things going on inside.

  8. Wow, great ramble. This one goes on my wish list.

  9. Anonymous1/16/2012

    Oh I soo got a giggle from that excerpt, sounds like I'll enjoy it once I get around to buying and reading it, I have WAY too many book on my list as it is and now I've added another lmao!

    Hugs, Tess

  10. Anonymous1/16/2012

    I love ramble...I do it all the time...I teach. This has definitely been added to my wish list.

  11. Angels on Top sounds great! Great excerpt!

    amysmith98 @

  12. I went ahead and ordered your book NJ, so looking forward to reading it.

    Don't worry about rambling, I tend to do that too, LOL.


  13. Sounds like a really interesting series. Can't wait to read it.

    Oh, and there is nothing wrong with rambling. Sometimes while rambling you can come up with some of the best ideas. ;)


  14. Anonymous1/16/2012

    I just loved Angels on Top. That book is definitely in my TBR again and again pile.

    Linda A

  15. Anonymous1/16/2012

    I remember reading this excerpt before and wanting to read the book! I think I just lost track of where I read it :) Thanks, I'm off to Amazon now!

  16. Anonymous1/16/2012

    Sounds like a really great story and i can not wait to read it.

  17. Anonymous1/16/2012

    This was great! I think Norma and I are definitely kindred spirits, and I would love Vlad to come visit me, as my muse seems to have left me for some hussy next door. :) Happy New Year, Norma and Gabrielle! (I hope Gabrielle's finger heals soon from that potato cutting incident, those are really painful.)


  18. awww, thank you Jim. :) Finger is doing much better. Happy New Year!

  19. Helén1/16/2012

    Love the excerpt.

  20. Doesn't everyone ramble? I know I do. Sounds like a great story. Thanks for sharing.


  21. I loved "Angels on Top". You did a great job. But then I also love your blog stories. Keep up all the good work. Looking forward to reading more from you!


  22. Thanks everyone... it is only 6:30 am here so this was a great way to wake up... You have all made me feel really good about what I do. hope to see you all at my blog sometimes soon... LOL


  23. Rambling is my middle name when I get around people my own age. LOL
    I've loved everything of yours that I've been able to get a hold of. What ever your doing keep it up I love it! ;D

  24. OOOPPPSS! Sorry here's my info.


  25. Anonymous1/16/2012

    This sounds like a great story. I think we all ramble at one time or another.

  26. Haha, It's ok to Ramble. I do it all the time.
    heh :D

    Angels on Top sounds great! Excited to read it!


  27. It's sounds like you're very busy so I can understand the rambling. When I get bogged down I do that too. Thanks for telling us about your books and letting us learn about your latest release through the excerpt.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  28. Anonymous1/16/2012

    I tend to ramble a lot when I'm nervous. It can be nice to hear others ramble too. Excellent excerpt =D Can't wait to get my own copy.


  29. Rambling is aloud as long as you keep writing books that sounds good enough to read...

  30. I am glad that I am not the only rambler amongst us... LOL... I am happy as I just finished my first round of edits on Rules Are Meant To Be Broken & the second round of edits on Hunting for Clay.

  31. NJ know you are getting a hugh fan base because your stories are wonderfully written.

  32. I love a good ramble, and it was great getting to know you. Thanks for the excerpt, this looks like my favorite kind of story.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  33. Sounds very good, goin't to my wish list right now! :D


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