November 16, 2012

25 Winners in 25 Days!

To celebrate the release of A Fatefully Yours Christmas on December 22nd, I'm giving away 25 swag bags stuffed with goodies!!!

So, what are in these fabulous prize bags, you may ask. 25 winners will receive:
1 Messenger Bag
1 Tablet/eReader Case
1 Signed Print Book (chosen at random by me)
1 Mini Notebook
2 Scotch Glasses
3 Ink Pens
1 Key Chain Bottle Opener
1 Sunglass Visor Clip
1 USB Car Charger
A Free eBook Copy of Lest We Forget [A Fatefully Yours Christmas]
How do you win these great bags?
Beginning, Monday, November 19th thru Thursday, December 13th, I will be asking one question per day, right here on my blog. It could be about anything from my characters to my website, but with a little searching, all answers should be easy to find. When you think you've got it, email me with your answer, and I'll draw a winner at random.
Sounds easy, right? Great! I'll meet everyone back here on Monday for the first question!
In the meantime, I'll leave you with this very naughty excerpt from
Lest We Forget [A Fatefully Yours Christmas]
Soft, moist lips enveloped the tip of his pulsing cock and traveled down the length until the crown pressed firmly against the silky lining of his mate’s throat. Arching his hips from Eyce’s lap, Echo pushed his aching dick deeper into Hex’s mouth as he tangled his fingers into the silky, ebony locks.
Even after two years together, it still humbled and awed him that such a powerful warrior would be on his knees for him. Fiero pressed against his left side, stroking his chest and nibbling along the column of his throat, while Myst leaned against his right side, flicking his slippery tongue along the shell of Echo’s ear.
Strong hands slid under his thighs, lifting him from Eyce’s lap, and the demon’s hard cock prodded his slick and loosened entrance, penetrating the guarding muscles until he was seated to the base. The warrior held his hips in a firm grasp, rocking up into him, his throbbing dick stretching Echo’s inner walls to capacity.
“Mmm,” Fiero purred to him. “Come here, luscious.” He urged Echo’s face to him and captured his lips, teasing the seam with the tip of his tongue to request entrance.
Echo opened for him with a moan, struggling to tame his runaway lust as his mate explored the depths of his mouth. Their tongues met and tangled, sliding together in a sensual duel that did nothing to calm his racing heart.
One of Eyce’s hands left Echo’s waist and landed in Fiero’s lap, fisting the demon’s hard cock and jerking the length in quick, long strokes, pulling a deep rumbling growl from his chiseled chest.
Then his hair was pulled, adding a bite of pain to the already overwhelming sensations, and he released Fiero’s mouth to turn to his right. “My turn,” Myst informed him as he stood on the cushions and rubbed the head of his dripping cock over Echo’s swollen lips. “Open up, baby.”
Groans and growls reverberated through the room as Myst fucked his mouth with hard, demanding strokes. Eyce’s tempo increased, slamming up into him with a bone-jarring intensity. The suction on his own cock, combined with Hex’s talented tongue, was making him delirious with need, and if they didn’t let him come soon, the top of his head was going to explode.
“Fuck,” Myst growled, shuddering hard as he released a torrent of seed that splashed over Echo’s tongue. Falling back to the couch, he sat that way for just a moment while he panted and shook with aftershocks. Once he had himself together, though, he slipped down into the floor, curling himself along Hex’s spine and grasping the alpha’s cock in a firm grip. “You gonna come for me, big guy?”
Hex groaned, sending vibrations traveling along Echo’s shaft and sending waves of electricity straight to his tight sac. “Oh, oh, gods,” he whimpered, bowing his back and squeezing his eyes closed. He wasn’t going to last. He still had three men to pleasure, and he just wasn’t going to make it.
Luckily, Hex was the next to fall over the edge, grunting and moaning as he popped off Echo’s dick to slump back into Myst’s arms. “How the hell do you do that every time?”
“Talent,” Myst answered with a roguish wink to Echo. “Talent, love.”
Rolling his head to the side, Echo peeked up at Eyce and almost swallowed his tongue as he watched Fiero feeding his veiny length between the warrior’s plump lips. Craning his neck, he pressed back against Eyce’s chest and lapped at Fiero’s smooth sac, sucking one ball into his mouth and rolling it around on his tongue.
A long strangled groan accompanied Fiero’s climax, leaving only Eyce and Echo in a race to the end. Three sets of hands roamed his body, and three separate mouths kissed, licked, sucked, and nibbled over every inch of his body, while Eyce continued to thrust into him with quick, short jabs.
“Come for us,” Hex rasped to him, scraping his teeth over Echo’s collarbone. “Come for us, baby.”
Fiero’s hot, strong hand surrounded his bouncing cock and squeezed, sending warmth spreading throughout his entire body. “Stop fighting it,” he ordered. His grin was downright wicked when he continued. “We have ways of making you cooperate.”
The words were barely from his mouth when Eyce’s sharp fangs sank into the side of Echo’s neck. Fiero’s mouth clamped around one wrist, Myst bit into his right thigh, and Hex embedded his canines into the soft flesh at Echo’s hip.
One mating bite was hard enough to endure, but the combined bite of all four was like an explosion of pleasure that Echo didn’t think he’d survive. His screamed until his throat felt raw, bucking and shuddering in Eyce’s lap as endless streams of creamy semen jetted from his slit to paint Hex’s shoulder and neck.
“Holy sweet fuck,” Eyce practically whimpered. His muscled arms constricted around Echo’s midsection, and molten lava flooded his greedy channel until it overflowed and trickled down his crease. “I think I died.”
Echo seconded that. “It just keeps getting better.”
After the initial “honeymoon” phase wore off, he figured their sex life would dwindle to a more manageable smolder. That wasn’t the case, though. No matter what time of day or night, no matter how long they’d been mated, the wildfire that erupted between them when they came together never faded but grew hotter and brighter with each new coupling.
“Breakfast is ready,” Syx announced with a chuckle.
“But, uh, maybe you guys should shower first,” Onyx added, sidling up behind Syx and wrapping his arms around the man’s waist. “We could help.”
“Oh, we could definitely help,” Vapre agreed, grinning slyly and licking his lips. “I’m feeling very neglected right now.”
Considering Echo had given him one spectacular blow job before breakfast, he knew that wasn’t the case. He was just mated to seven of the horniest, most incorrigible men on the planet—and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. Great excerpt! Looking forward to the posts and contests :)

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