January 06, 2013


May I have your attention, please!
  1. Website Update
  2. New Series
  3. Finishing Series
1. Website Update
I am (slowly) moving my website to a new host server. Having my site editor crash on a weekly basis is both frustrating and time consuming. Updates to the site may be interrupted while I'm making the transition, so please bear with me. I hope to have everything moved, updated, and operational by the end of January.
New Features to the Site:
  • Polls
  • Links
  • Character and Series Charts
  • Subscribe to Updates by Email
2. New Series
I have books on my schedule as of now, so anything new will take a backseat to what I already have planned. However, I do have intentions of starting a few new(ish) series before the summer.
Twilight Valley
This is another spinoff to The Moonlight Breed world. The Council, along with Dr. Spiro Araceli, are busy creating a new refuge (much like Haven) on a small island in the Norwegian Sea. Once things are in place and running smoothly, I'll be able to begin the series.
Tempting Fate
This will be a shorter series  that will tell the complete stories of the secondary characters from Fatefully Yours. For now, this is what I have planned.
(Please note that this can always change. I may add more books or change the order of the books.)
  • Gage - Mac - Sony
  • Craze - Jinx - Syn
  • Lorcan - Pax - Jet
  • Ares - Jason - Oliver
Fated Attraction
Another spinoff series from Fatefully Yours featuring the coyote pack and their mates. Each book will be M/M (no menage), and the storylines will happen parallel to one another. In other words, these books will be stand-alones, and each one will start from the same point in time. 
3. Finishing Series
  1. Fatefully Yours is finished. Echo and the demons will have guest appearances in the new series, but their story is over. Sorry.
  3. Javier and Gavin's book, To Protect and Punish [Lawful Disorder 3], releases on January 31st. Rayce and Jasper are up next, and this will conclude the series.
  5. Two more books are planned for Wicked River, both M/M/M.
  7. Only five more books are planned for The Moonlight Breed.

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  1. I am very much looking forward to what you have planned for the next year. Good luck with the "move".


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