April 25, 2013



Do you read the sex scenes first before reading the book?
No. I like a bit of foreplay before the main event.

In your opinion, what are the most important elements in a good romance?
Elements for a good romance include a solid connection, a getting to know you phase and for me a HEA.

How soon is too soon to say, "I love you"?
Depends on the situation. It would take me a while to say I love you and mean it. It's not something that
comes easy for me.

Do you believe in love at first sight?
I have no reason to believe in love at first sight unless it's a really cool vintage purse.

Should a romance be mostly about the relationship, or should there be an even mixture of romance and action?
Action and romance is fine. I like some conflict and adventure, it's all good.

What is something that will send you screaming out of a book?
Flashbacks send me screaming loudly. I detest them.

How much is too much when it comes to BDSM?
BDSM stories where the submissive is too much of a pet/slave. An extreme amount of blood play is a turn off.

What's the difference between a "bad" review and a "negative" review?
A bad review is a honest critique with informative reasons why the book failed. A negative review is frequently harsh without valid reasons and often times aimed at the author instead of the written word.

Do you think authors overreact to harsh criticism?
Some authors do overact to bad reviews. There's oneauthor that comes to mind who whines and moans constantly and it's become tiresome. If you take the good you have to take the bad too.

What is your favorite sex position?
I don't have a favorite sex position although I prefer to bottom,so to speak.:) I'm versatile.

Is two better than one?
Better,no. Fun,it can be.

How many is too many in a relationship?
In a relationship two is hard enough. Three or more I just can't imagine in real time.

Do you prefer internal (relationship) or external (fighting the bad guy) conflict?
No preference

Is there anything you won’t read?
 I avoid dubious consent/rape stories and I don't care for" hairy daddy bear" ones. Amnesiacs and twins who trade places bother me.

Do you like long series? Or do you think more than six books is too much?
I like long series if they are written well and keep me engaged, 

How many chances will you give a new-to-you author before you stop reading his/her books?
If the first book is crap it's hard for me to give it a second chance. If I do it better be good or I'm not wasting my time or money.

What is your opinion on capture fantasy?
Capture Fantasy, not my thing.

Do you have a favorite type of M/M pairing? (two alphas, Dominant/submissive, alpha male with a smaller mate, etc.)
Alpha male with a smaller male I like. Two alphas are good too especially if both are in law enforcement.

What is your favorite sex toy?
Costumes are my favorite sex toy.

Is there anything you feel is being overdone right now?
Gay for You theme has pretty much run its course. Everyone is doing BDSM and it should be a written rule that only the experienced should apply. There are a few authors who understand the scene and get it right. It's not something to dabble in to sell books.

Is there anything you wish more authors wrote?
I would love more sexy rock star love, fairies and angels would be nice too.

How long do you like your books?
I'm good with a longer book but I get itchy scratchy when it's over 300 pages in e-book format. I prefer to read longer books in paper form.

What is the one thing in a sex scene that will always get your motor running?
I like it when they go at it hard against a wall and then someone drops to the knees and takes care of things.

Does an author’s personal attitude affect if you will read his/her books?
Definitely, I've stopped buying a couple of authors books for that exact reason.

Is there anything else you want to say to authors?
Keep doing what you're doing because you are my rock stars. There's almost nothing better than a good book.

And that's a wrap! Thanks to all the readers who took the time to answers these questions.

Here's one more for the road: Sex outside of the main relationship. What do you think as a reader?

Scenario 1: Bob and Dylan (you like that right?) break up on their one year anniversary. Three months later, Dylan meets Matt. They have a one night stand. Three months after that, Bob and Dylan get back together. 
Ya or Nay? Should Dylan just keep it in his pants until he is back with Bob where he belongs?

Scenario 2: Nick hooks up with a guy at the bar. Typical club hookup, not going beyond a good, hard *cough* "handshake" in the alley. Two days later, Nick meets Cage. They fall madly in love and live happily-ever-after.
Ya or Nay? Does it lose something if either character is having sex outside of the relationship? Even if it's not actually cheating?


  1. As far as I can see with both scenarios is that Dylan and Nick were just scratching an itch or really just marking time until they find or re-find The One.

    1. Thanks Diane! I appreciate the feedback. :)

  2. The second is definitely ok. And the first there was no indication they'd get back together so he was fine too. He can't be expected to be celibate forever. Both situations are ok with me.

  3. Yes, sounds like an itch to me.

  4. Thanks! I've heard both sides of the coin, though, never directly. As a reader, I don't mind a little bump and grind before the start of the romance. However, I will admit, once the MCs are together, I want them to stay that way. Even if they take a breather, the HEA clause dictates that they will get back together, so this is the point where I would be screaming at Dylan as though he can hear me. "What are you doing?! Don't you know how this whole romance thing works?"

    As a writer, there are times when it just makes sense within the story, but I'm always leery to travel down that road. All I hear is B.O.B (from Monsters vs. Aliens) in my head. "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You were dating Derek too? That two timing jerk!"

  5. I have no problem with either of these scenarios. If neither is in a relationship at the time, regardless of if they are broken up for a period of time or if they've yet to meet. I see no problems with it...even in the stories I read.

    My only problem with sex outside a relationship in books (and IRL as well) is when it's cheating...and it's worse if it's a character that I really like.

    Oh...I did read a book recently where the MC was in a relationship with a man, but it was obvious throughout the entire book that they were not meant to be together...that the MC was going to end up with his mate once his mate had a chance to introduce himself, but the first relationship lasted well over 80% of the and all...then the mated couple only had like the last chapter and epilogue together...the sex wasn't really the problem it was the fact that the "wrong" couple was together for so long and since I knew they weren't going to stay together, the sex scenes were just disappointing...*shrugs*

    1. Geez...that was long-winded...sorry...

    2. LMAO! No worries. I tend to go on long ass diatribes on a daily basis. I get what you're saying, too. I think I would have been disappointed as well. Or like with menage books when the third person doesn't arrive until 3/4 of the way through the book. Those feel a bit jarring to me as well.

    3. *nods* I totally agree on the menage front...I am all about development of a relationship...I don't necessarily care when the "I love you" comes into play as long as it *feels* right, but with a relationship - especially a menage - I want to see the characters get to know each other and fall in love...and that's harder to do if the third isn't only has 4 chapters to get to know and fall in love with the original couple.

  6. Since they both scenarios were out of a relationship at the there is nothing wrong with the 'itch', but I am a sucker for keeping the characters together if it's the right fit and I so need an HEA.

    1. Agreed, though I can be okay with a HFN.

  7. Ok I will admit that ever once in a while I will skip sex scenes altogether. Sometimes I just want to continue the plot.

    1. I don't skip the sex scenes, necessarily, but I am more drawn to the romance of the story, so I get it. :)

  8. I'm good with a ya on both scenerios. However I believe Dylan should definately tell Bob when they get back together. If he doesn't it and Bob finds out Bob might feel like Dylan is hiding and lying about things.

  9. Anonymous4/25/2013

    These both seem fine, since there's no actual cheating. Ideally they know each other's feelings and beliefs on the subject (and have acted accordingly), but if they're broken up at the time, who's to say?

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

  10. Amy S.4/25/2013

    Scenario 1 really depends...what is Bob doing in the time between the breakup? and Who broke up with whom?

    Scenario 2: Yeah, its fine. You have to get around to find "the one" and no one really expects to have a one night stand one night and then meet their destiny the next.

    1. Amy S.4/30/2013

  11. In Scenario 1 I don't know enough about them, are they still in love with each other? Who broke up with who and why. But they were hoping to get back together then I would label that cheating.

    In Scenario 2 Just scratching an itch and I don't see it as cheating. It's the old "kissing toads to find your prince" thing.


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