April 23, 2013

Welcome Author Kalista Kyle!



Kalista Kyle lives in Maine with her husband, two children, and a zoo of animals. When she's not busy with the evil day job, you can find her at her desk with a cup of cocoa, creating imaginative worlds with unique characters, all fighting to secure their happily ever afters. 


COMING JUNE 10, 2013

After kicking his abusive boyfriend to the curb, Joshua Perry wants nothing more than to focus on his career. He might be drawn to powerful, dominant men, but he's tired of these guys thinking they own him. Then his new boss comes strolling into the office, looking good enough to lick, and the well-dressed alpha tests Joshua's new resolve.

Caleb isn't oblivious to Joshua's interest, but something isn't right. Joshua is distracted, and every time he looks at his phone, Caleb fears his new assistant might pass out right where he stands. He's trying not to push, but every instinct tells him Joshua needs his help. Now, if he can just convince the fiercely independent blond of this, things would be just fine.

Kicking his lover out on the street wasn't the road to freedom Joshua had expected it to be. The Enforcer won't take no for an answer, and he'll go to any lengths to get Joshua back into his bed, no matter how violent. Can Caleb convince Joshua to accept his help before it's too late? Or will Joshua's desire to stand on his own two feet cost him everything in the end?


Josh was busy getting the boardroom ready for everyone. Making sure all the copies were done and everyone had what they needed, he was bustling about the room when his cell phone went off. He ignored the vibrating phone and kept working. He had to make sure this meeting went smoothly, and Caleb Reese knew that Josh could be trusted to do his job. He set up his usual place off to the side to take notes as people started filtering into the room. He couldn’t seem to stop thinking of his boss. What did he like to do outside of work? What were his interests?
Josh tried not to stare as Caleb entered through the door, but the power that rolled off the man seemed to fill the room and command all the attention. He talked to everyone, politely introducing himself. He was listening to what they all had to say. The only frustrating thing was Caleb seemed to be ignoring him. Caleb never glanced at him not once during the hour meeting. He stayed focused and in control of the room, though. Josh had to concentrate more than usual to make sure he got his notes right.
 The man was just too sexy for his own good. Working for him was going to be a challenge. Challenges were things he embraced Josh never met one he didn’t take. The only thing troubling him was the fact his cell phone had vibrated ten times during the meeting.
“Joshua, I’ll need these notes within the hour.” Caleb started gathering his papers up to leave the room.
“Yes, sir,” Josh gathered up his stuff and was getting ready to leave the room as well. He felt eyes on his ass as he left. He didn’t dare look back to see if Caleb was actually staring at his ass or not, but it sure felt like he was. He put an extra shake into his hips just in case. Hey, a man could dream right?
The rest of the day was a dull blur of number crunching and filing for Josh. The highlight of the day was finding as many opportunities as possible to see Caleb. As Josh got ready to leave he was still thinking of his sinfully hot boss wondering what he had under that conservative Armani suit. Maybe he wore silk boxers. Ooh, blue silk would look so damn good on him. Maybe he could convince Caleb to wear them while he was tied to his bed. That image caused him to get so hard; he thought he would come right there at the office. He wanted Caleb to tie him down and dominate him. His wrists tingled at the thought, and his cock was hard and throbbing. Josh was struggling to think of anything other than how much he wanted to jump his boss right then.
 “Time to go home, Joshua. I do not expect you to live at the office,” Caleb said, coming over to his desk and jostling him out of his sexy daydream in a rush.
Blushing, Josh tried to cover it by typing faster.
“I have one more sentence, and then I can save and leave, sir. I just want to be sure this gets off to Mr. Abriel today. I know we’re on a deadline with it, sir.” Josh hit send on the computer and started powering down. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Caleb wasn’t moving. He was still standing there waiting patiently. He tried to ignore his presence in hopes his cock would go down before he stood up.
“Did you need something, sir?” Josh asked while he gathered his things, trying not to look at Caleb and concentrating on anything but the powerful man standing next to him. The pull he felt to go to him and present himself at his feet almost overwhelmed him.
He wasn’t used to someone staring at him for so long, and it was making him feel like his clothes were on wrong or something. He made sure his jacket was draped over his arm in front of him as he stood up. It might not be subtle, but he didn’t have to advertise he was hard for his boss. After all, today was the first day. He didn’t want to lose this job. He needed it.
“Waiting for you to finish up. We can go to the parking garage together, give us a chance to talk some, get to know each other a little better.” Caleb steered him toward the elevators. His hand brushed Josh’s hair, gently musing it. Then he seemed to ghost a hand down his back ever so lightly, causing tiny shivers in him. Josh could have sworn he felt a hand on his ass. He didn’t say anything, though. He didn’t want it to stop, and he didn’t want to be wrong.
He really wouldn’t know how to ask his boss if he was feeling him up. Since Josh wasn’t feeling harassed but rather intrigued, he decided to say nothing and let the chips fall where they may. Besides, confrontation had never been his strong point, anyway.
Josh smiled to himself, thinking he was going to have a hard time not imagining his boss as more, because everything inside him said Caleb was the one for him. He just knew deep down in his soul they were meant to be together.


Q: Thinking back on your first book, is there anything you would have done differently?
This is my first self-published book.  The others I have written were shorter stories. I am glad to have the opportunity to really expand some of those ideas into full-fledged stories that I love.

Q: Do you work best on a deadline, or do you need freedom from time constraints?
If I did not give myself deadlines, nothing would get done.  I give myself personal goals to meet.  And dedicate time for the writing when the family is not around to distract me.

Q: Is there a word or phrase you catch yourself overusing?
I giggle as I am reading this because I know my editor and first reader would have a much better answer.  I am going to go with “that”… or he said she said and so on.

Q: How do you know you’ve written a good book?
It does not feel like writing. It is more like just having fun. Then I know I did good. 'Cause writing should be fun. 

Q: How do you keep your characters and stories organized?
Umm, they have to be organized oops … they just flow from my head they know what they are doing.

Q: What is the one thing you must have to be able to write?
A computer, and my water.  Then I am off and going.

Q: What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?
I am working on two paranormals right now.  Both have different elements to them that are firsts for me.  It is much different than Josh’s story since they are not just contemporary stories. I have werewolves, and vampires coming up.