August 21, 2013

Welcome Diane Leyne!

I'm originally from a small town in Nova Scotia but grew up in Toronto where I still live. In addition to reading (all types of books) and writing, my loves include photography and travel (over 20 countries and counting). And I'd love to hear from my fans!

Call of the Wolf Series: Claimed by Wolves

Samantha Anderson is carrying out her grandmother's last wish and visiting the Northwest to learn about her family's heritage.

She's surprised by her immediate attraction to the five McAllister brothers: sexy big brother and pack alpha Gabe, hot carpenter twins Bart and Nick, and young and sweet fitness trainer twins Eddie and Andy. She's even more surprised when they all decide to pursue her.

What she doesn't know is that the wolf-dog shape-shifting brothers have recognized her as their mate and are determined win her over so she'll agree to a formal mating ceremony which will tie her to them forever.

The only holdout is Gabe, who worries about mating with a human and wants to learn more about her before revealing their secret. To do this, he decides to spy on her in wolf-dog form. That's when he finds out that Samantha has a secret of her own.


She’d stopped to check out some of the books on display and had bumped right into a rather large man coming from the opposite direction.

He had quick reflexes and had saved her from tumbling over and righted them both. Samantha found she had to look up at the buff young man, not that he was too young. He looked to be in his mid or maybe late twenties and clearly worked out at the gym whose logo was prominently displayed on the tank top he was wearing.

She had to force herself to step back. Reluctantly, the stranger released his grip.

She looked him up and down. From the distance of a few feet, she could see that his top also displayed his nicely sculpted arms and hinted at a six-pack. Above the top, she could see an easy grin, short sandy hair, and blue eyes. He had a nice smile and wasn’t shy about using it. She wondered if he was single. She wasn’t looking for a relationship because she planned leaving when the summer was over, but maybe a fling?

But then it hit her. For a second after they’d bumped, her nose had been buried in his nicely developed chest. He was wolf.

“Andy McAllister.” He held out his hand and waited.

“Samantha Anderson.” She held out her hand, and it was quickly engulfed by his larger one. She could feel a snap of electricity and almost tried to pull her hand away.

“Nice to meet you, Samantha Anderson. New in town?”

“I’ve living at what I understand is called the Daniels place.”

She watched his eyes narrow as he processed this information. Then his grin returned. “Then you’ll be staying in town. Great. Might I suggest a trial membership here at Bodies in Harmony. Not that I’m implying there’s anything at all wrong with your body, not in the slightest. You clearly work out and have done a superb job. I’m just suggesting that if you plan on living here, our club would be an excellent place for you to visit. In fact, I’d like to offer myself up as your personal trainer.” He grinned expectantly. Samantha found herself grinning back.

“I’m guessing you are one of the owners.”

“My twin brother Eddie and I own the place. And I’m sure Eddie would love to meet you, too. Perhaps we could both train you?” He winked at her.

Samantha felt her mouth go dry. Surely the very nice young man wasn’t suggesting what she thought he was suggesting. Maybe she would have that fling. And if his brother was as cute as he was, maybe she’d go wild in Harmony.

Just then, the door to the gym opened. Out came two men. One looked to be about the same age as Andy. They weren’t identical, but they had the same coloring and build. This clearly was his twin Eddie.

The other man was a little bit older than the other two, maybe midthirties, and whereas the twins smiled winsomely at her, this new man glared. . Big brother Gabe? There was definitely a family resemblance. He had thick dark hair that was almost to his shoulders. His features were not conventionally handsome, but he had a magnetic presence. And he looked like the big bad wolf as he stared at her.

“Eddie, Gabe. Meet Samantha Anderson. She’s staying at the Daniels place, and I’m trying to convince her to come work out at Bodies in Harmony. Ed, I told her we’d both be happy to train her.”

“Oh, absolutely, Miss Anderson.”

“Please, all of you, please call me Samantha or Sam.”

“Well, Sam. Welcome to town and to Bodies. Anytime you want a joint or even a private training session, please give us a call. We’d be glad to oblige. How long do you plan to stay in Harmony? A good long time, I hope.”

She smiled. She could see they were all anxious to hear her answer, but whereas the twins looked like they were interested in her as a potential conquest, Gabe looked angry. She decided to play with him. “Well, I bought the place, actually. I came into some money and wanted to get as far away from Florida as I could, for reasons I would rather not discuss.” She smiled inwardly as she could practically read the thoughts running through each of their minds as they assumed she’d had a love affair gone bad. “Anyway, Mrs. Daniels had this, she described it as a vacation cabin that sounded wonderful. I came into a small inheritance, and one thing led to another and here I am.”

“And how glad we are that you are here,” declared Eddie. “Right, Andy?”

“And what about your friend here? He doesn’t look glad I’m here.”

“Oh, Gabe. Ignore him. He’s always grumpy.”

“Calm down, boys. Give her some breathing space.” His voice, like his hair, was darker than the others’, but he was clearly related. His voice was similar, but deeper and harsher. He was taller than his brothers, but of a more slender build. He clearly didn’t spend the same amount of time in the gym as they did, but she’d bet he looked pretty fine under his clothes. His hair was jet black and a bit long like he needed a trim but just couldn’t be bothered, but he had the same intense blue eyes as his brothers.

And even from this distance, she could sense wolf. But the scent was different than his brothers’. It was stronger, more primal. She didn’t just recognize it but she felt it calling out to her on a primitive level. She’d found his brother, well, both brothers actually, attractive, and she’d already toyed with the idea of a fling, but now that she’d met Gabe, she realized that she felt desire, and that alarmed her. She’d just met this man, hadn’t spoken with him or touched him, not even his hand, and she realized she was afraid to. Something about him, either the man or the wolf, called to her on a level that she didn’t even want to think about.

Behind the Scenes with Diane Leyne

Ø What inspired you to write your first book? 
I'm like  a lot of writers.  I love to read.  I read a lot, all genres.  One day when I was on the Siren Publishing site looking for some new books to download I saw the "submit" button and clicked on it.  The rest is history.
Ø Is there a message in your novel that you hope readers walk away with? 
I always try to make my heroines strong women.  They may have issues to deal with and the heroes may come to the rescue at times, but in the, the hero makes their lives richer (emotionally), but they are not "half a person" without him/them (yes, my heroines often end up with multiple men!)
Ø What are your current projects?  
I just finished book 4 in the Libertine Island Series.  I'm now working on Books 3 & 4 for the Call of the Wolf series and am considering doing a Prequel to tell the story of how the Harmony Pack was formed
Ø Name one person you feel supported you outside of family members
I have to name a group, my fellow Siren writers are an amazing bunch who support each other and made me feel very welcome when I released my first book.
Ø What are your ambitions for your writing career? 
I'd love to get to the point where I can write full time, but I just had my first book published last February, so I have a way to go.
Ø Give us an insight into your main character.
What does he/she do that is so special?  Samantha Anderson is from a shape-shifting family, but the women in the pack don't shift.  And her branch of the family has rejected their shape-shifting heritage.  It's her grandmother who made Samantha promise to visit Harmony and learn about that part of herself
She's special because she stands up for herself which isn't easy against an Alpha.  When Gabe decides to spy on her in shifted form because she's new to town and he's hesitant about a human as a mate, she doesn't take it lying down and teaches him a lesson, hilariously according to my readers.
Ø What genre are your books? 
My books are Contemporary/Erotica.   Claimed by Wolves is my first Paranormal Romance.  I also try to include at least a touch of humor in my books.   And Claimed by Wolves includes my first extended humorous scene which has been very well received.
Ø What draws you to this genre? 
I'm new to Paranormal, but I love it because it lets you make up your own rules.  You can let your imagination run wild.
Ø Why do you write? 
I have stories to tell.  Simple as that. :)  And I'm lucky enough that people seem to want to read them.


  1. Wow...great interview...this looks like a really good book. :)

  2. Wow...great interview...this looks like a really good book. :)


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