December 17, 2013

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Awakening Veronica
Coming December 20th

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, flogging, capture role play, sex toys, HEA]

Bullied all her life, Veronica Benedict has learned to withdraw rather than risk being hurt by those closest to her—but that’s not the only type of bully she has to deal with.

On a research trip, a fellow author introduces her to two Doms at a wedding. Travis McDaniel is disillusioned by life in Washington, D.C., and is back home in Divine, examining his future.

Driven by the need to keep the citizens of Divine safe, Hank Stinson has put his loneliness and his secret desires aside—until he meets Veronica. Hank and Travis are captivated by the introverted author. Hank must decide if he needs this special kind of love more than he needs to be elected sheriff again, and Travis must choose between life in Divine and an opportunity to make a difference in the world. When they discover the bullying Veronica is enduring, their protective instincts come roaring to the surface.


Travis laid warm kisses on her abdomen before working his way back up, nuzzling between her breasts. 

“You smell so sexy, Nika. You make me hard just with your scent.”

“True,” Hank murmured.

As they touched her and warmed her, she relaxed, letting them do as they willed, until she was lying with arms and legs spread, willing to take whatever they offered. Her cunt throbbed with need as she hoped they’d touch her there. They came close too many times to count as they touched and teased. The tension built in slow waves flowing and ebbing like a tide as these two men aroused her to a point that she thought she was running a fever.

Hank must’ve moved around the bed because he was suddenly on her other side, paying the same attention to her hands and legs on that side. She arched her back and stretched and heard him growl softly. “Perfect.”
She smiled and opened her eyes. A tugging at her wrists drew her attention as he loomed over her, tying something off on her headboard. Both men smiled at her when she looked from side to side and saw that it wasn’t just a fantasy. She was tied down to the bed at both wrists.

Tugging with her legs, she realized Travis had been busily working at distracting her while Hank had restrained her legs, too. Her cunt pulsed and she gloried in the sensation as she tugged and couldn’t get free.
Hank laid his hand on her abdomen. “You’re ours to play with now, Nika.” Lust burned in his eyes. “We can do whatever we want to you.”

Intelligible speech fled as she embraced her predicament. She should probably play along and pretend to be concerned but all she could do was giggle as she arched her back, dying for whatever they chose to do next.

 “Do your worst.”

With an evil laugh, Travis leaned down until his mouth was inches from her cunt. “I’ve been looking forward to tasting your pussy ever since Hank told me about this afternoon.”

“Did he tell you all about it?” she asked as she lifted her hips.

“Yes, in great detail, little vixen.” He growled as he finally looked his fill. “So tempting and pink. And wet. You need me to touch you here?” he asked, lifting a fingertip and nearly touching her with it, until she panted and whimpered, tilting toward him. Her pussy clenched around nothing, aching for a cock to fill her, a finger, anything.

She scooted closer to him until the silky bindings at her wrists halted her movements and all she could do was watch. Travis tilted his head and flicked his gaze to hers as he brushed his lower lip against her labia. Her body jerked as his hot breath streamed over her exposed clit and she wondered if she’d come just from his teasing and the way looked at her.

She glanced up and saw Hank kneeling on the bed, watching the two of them, his enormous cock jutting up from the nest of black hair between his spread legs. She wanted to reach out and touch him but couldn’t. Remembering their encounter earlier made her mouth water.

Hot breath at her cunt drew her attention and she looked back at Travis and he grinned at her. “You were about a split second away from getting your pussy slapped for not paying attention, Nika. Focus.” The thought of either of them doing that made her cunt clench tight as a vise and her juices dripped from her and slid between her ass cheeks.

Travis smiled as he saw her reaction and the knowledge in his eyes didn’t shame her. No, it turned her on even more. It made her bold. “You’d slap my poor little pussy?” She even managed to slide her lower lip out in a pout, a totally foreign motion.

He leaned closer, and she felt like she been touched with a hot poker as his breath streaked over her a second before his teeth slid smoothly on either side of her clit.

“Oh!” she screamed as her back bowed and the orgasm blindsided her. He sucked her clit, setting off a flurry of explosions that rocked her. His hot mouth lapping at her wouldn’t allow her to come down and the tension soared within her again. He seemed content to tease her, sucking at her clit and licking her opening until she was swollen and so aroused she wanted to scream for them to take her. She opened her eyes to find them both watching her and realized what they waited for.

“Fuck me, please! Please!” she begged.

Travis’s face broke into a smile and he said, “She’s a quick one.”

Hank chuckled in reply, and instead of being offended Veronica laughed, too, and yelled, “Shut up and fuck me!”

The room echoed with Hank’s laughter and the shock on Travis’s face lasted for a split second before the flat of his fingertips landed right over her clit. More shocking than painful, the tap drew a startled scream from her.

Travis gaped at Hank, a devilish gleam lighting his brown eyes. “Such sassiness from our sub! Did you hear her?”

“I did, Trav. She just earned herself a spanking.”

Travis grinned and soothed her pussy with broad strokes from his tongue until she pleaded, “Please fuck me, Travis? Pretty, pretty, please? With sugar on top?”

“What pretty begging,” Travis said as he sheathed his cock. Hank had a condom in his hand as well, and a hungry look in his eyes as he watched them.

I get two cocks. Holy Moses!

Feeling ravenous for them both, she squirmed and writhed as she watched Travis stroke his hand down his thick shaft. I want that so much!

She realized she’d spoken out loud when Travis chuckled and said, “I’m about to give it to you, impatient Nika.”


Name: Hank Stinson
DOB: 1969
Height: 6’
Eye Color: Light Gray
Occupation: Sheriff of Divine County

Bio: I’m a native of Divine. I love it here and never plan to leave.

Food: Nice big rib-eye from O’Reilley’s
Color: Red
Book: Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose
Movie: The Quiet Man and McClintock with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara (There’s just something about a feisty redhead that gets my blood going.)
Band: (Musician) George Strait
Song: You Look so Good in Love by George Strait
Quote: “Courage is being scared to death…and saddling up anyway.” –John Wayne
TV Show: Castle
Holiday: Christmas
Sport: Football

Lightning Round
Pepsi or Coke: Coke
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Die Hard or Terminator: Die Hard
Ford or Chevy: Chevy
Steak or Chicken: Steak
Star Wars or Star Trek: Star Trek (The original)
Beer or Wine: Beer—Dos Equis

In Depth
What is your most cherished possession?
I don’t get real hung up on possessions but my mom loved collecting Christmas decorations and nativity scenes. When she passed on a few years back all that came to me. It’s just sitting in boxes in storage now but it means something to me. Someday maybe I’ll have a woman in my life who likes stuff like that, too.
How do you feel about being the center of attention?
It’s part of the job on lots of occasions. I see it as a necessary evil but it doesn’t bother me. Where public safety in my county is concerned, the buck stops here.
What makes you blush?
Not much, these days. In my line of work I’ve seen just about anything and everything. The last time I blushed was when little Rose Marie Warner gave me a kiss on the cheek.
How do you feel, generally, about the opposite sex?
Protective. Very protective. I don’t have a woman in my life right now but I hope wherever she is that someone is looking out for her, too.
What is your worst habit?
Not being able to say no to the women of this community. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff they’ve talked me into doing for charities and worthy causes.
Do you have any irrational fears or phobias?
Closest that I come is the fear I feel for someone else when they are in harm’s way. The job requires keeping a level head but that doesn’t mean I don’t have fear. I just don’t let it immobilize me.
How do you think your exes would describe you?
Bossy. Dominating. I’m willing to bet they smile when they say it, too.
How deeply does your job / social role define you as a person?
I’ve known that I wanted to be in law enforcement nearly my whole life. I think that having a tendency toward domination and wanting to keep the people I care about safe translated into a way of life when I took on the badge.
What are you the most hopeless at?
As I mentioned before, saying no to the women of Divine is nearly impossible.
What would you never do, no matter the price?
Cheat on the woman I love.

Special holiday traditions?

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we always set up our Christmas tree and let our kids decorate it. This started when our eldest was a toddler and did it all by herself. The tree leaned to the left a little that first year because the ornaments were all hanging on just a few low branches on one side of the tree but she had fun. When our son came along, it got to be a bit of a competition. Now that they are both middleschoolers, the ornaments landed higher and higher on the tree. It’s not always neatly proportioned or color coordinated but it’s definitely their creation. Growing up, my mom was a Nazi about the Christmas tree being decorated a certain way. I have more fun watching them decorate it than I ever had decorating one when I was growing up.

Favorite holiday memory?

On Christmas of 2010, Mister Rainier, also known as “Mister Practicality”, did something that totally blew me away. I’d been a published author for just a little over a month at the time. A few days before Christmas, he lured me outside and I was surprised to find a ruby red 2011 Chevy Camaro sitting in our front yard. I’d been lusting after one of these vehicles for at least three years. I was convinced it was a rental. Then he blew me away when he handed me the keys and said, “Merry Christmas!” He went on to say that for once in his life he wanted to do something that was completely impractical. That car is my pride and joy.

Tis the Season for Giving…

For those who like to give donations to charity in lieu of Christmas gifts, I’d always recommend visiting the American Red Cross website.


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