February 19, 2014

Cupid Inc Giveaway!

Cupid Inc: The Angel Wears Prada

M/M Light Paranormal Erotic Romance

By Cheryl Dragon

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It’s hard to find a soul mate when you have no soul. Kaden may have to settle for a Valentine’s Day date instead. Born human and forced to go evil, he has turned his back on the demonic ways. Despite demons trying to lure him back, he wants to make up for what he’s done and find love. But who will believe in him? Cupid Inc. will do its best to find him a match! A fallen angel who adores the finer things in the human world is also looking for a Valentine’s date. Lonal longed for romance and human sexuality so much that he fell to Earth to experience love. He just can’t find it. Sex and lust are easy to enjoy but he wants a soul mate. It’s a good thing Lonal has a few tricks up his wings!

Cupid Inc: Letters to Julian

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance

By Zayne Michaels

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Despite being a dragon shifter, Ridley Dragos doesn’t lead a life of adventure or excitement. Instead, he prefers the quiet solitude of his bookstore and the brief interaction with his customers. He has no aspirations of falling in love or living happily ever after, but all of that is about to change.

When he walked into The Book Attic that morning, Julian Haell harbored no expectations other than finding a new book for his ever-growing collection. Ridley intrigues him, though, and challenges everything he thought he knew about friendship and desire. A simple chat over tea turns into a comfortable, weekly routine, but as the months pass, Julian can’t help but want more.

It’s not every day a guy realizes he’s fallen for his best friend, but unfortunately, Ridley’s window of opportunity is closing fast. When Julian visits the mysterious Cupid Inc in search of a date for Valentine’s Day, Ridley finds himself facing an impossible decision—either seize the moment and confess his feelings, or let the love of a lifetime disappear forever.

Cupid Inc: Silver Lamp Playlist

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance

By Skye Dragen

Hektor is a four hundred year old vampire with an interfering family and an antique shop. Bullied into a blind date by his sister, he signs up at Cupid Inc expecting little considering his questionnaire included deep questions like “if you were a nursery rhyme which would you be and why?”. At least he’ll get the women of his family off his back if he can get a complete stranger to stick around long enough to go to his mom’s birthday party. Finding out that his date is a genie might be the answer to his wishes if he can get past how very weird Vedran is.

Getting picked up by a gorgeous vampire was just what Vedran needed after several hundred years trapped in a magic lamp. From the second Hektor polished his teapot he’s been having fun being in the real world again. Maybe he’ll even have the chance to experience romance this time around if he helps Hektor out with his little family problem. When a thief snatches Vedran’s lamp, they’ll both see how far Hektor will go to make sure Vedran remains his.

Cupid Inc: Practically Magic

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance

By Kalista Kyle

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  1. When my hubs asked me to marry him & surprised me with picking out my ring :)

    Deborah H

  2. I have many great Valentine's day memories but the cutest and one that sticks with me was the second with my hubby when we were still dating. He gave me a dozen roses and a card..on the card it showed a man a few feet behind a woman while she did the picture he is closer next he is right behind her with his arms around her. Inside it said.."I love giving surprise hugs"... He does this all the time. I can be minding my own buisness cooking or whatever and before I know it he is wrapped around me!..LOL

  3. my first v-day with my now hubby a dozen roses dlivered to the house that I was sharing with 2 other people and I start going on and on about how lucky one of them were to get these. They both looked at me like I was crazy and let me know they were for me they had to read the card to prove they were for me. Sometimes I have way to much in common with some of the people in your books. This july will be 20 years for us 3 kids and now when flowers are diliverd I think they are for me. lol

  4. Anonymous2/19/2014

    This year where my Husband and I got our house.

  5. I have never had a Vday date or anything like that. I have never even went on a date so I don't have any good or bad ones.


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