June 10, 2014

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 Iron Rods
Strip Club Series, Book 1.
By Brenna Zinn


There once was a place the women of Austin, Texas could mix fantasy with flesh and experience erotic temptations for the price of admission and a handful of dollars. Iron Rods. The strip club is now in disrepair though and Bennett Truitt, estranged son of the club’s aging and half-crazy owner, wants to replace the landmark with condos. He hires feisty Tatum Reynolds to manage the club, sure she will fail, but not before he has a chance to sample her skills in bed.

After another rejection letter, Tatum realizes she’ll never be a professional dancer on or off Broadway. Down on her luck, she’s determined to make the run-down club successful no matter what, or who, it takes. She never expected her new boss to be so enticing they’re breaking doors down to get to each other, get their clothes off, taste each delectable inch.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Here’s a little secret about Austin, Texas that one might not know about unless you’re a lady actually living in or around Austin… Austin does NOT have a strip club for women.  Yes.  You read that right.  There are zero, nada, zip, zilch strip clubs for women in Austin, Texas.  Sounds crazy, I completely feel you, but it’s true. 

I found this information out the hard way.  It was late, I was at a big birthday party for a girlfriend and we all decided that a trip down to the local strip club would be an excellent way to wrap up what had already been a pretty fabulous party.  After looking everywhere on-line for a club, we concluded we were SOL (shoot out of luck).  A true downer and quite a shocking surprise.  After all, Austin is a good-sized city loaded with women.  How could it be that the city would have several clubs for men to see women dancing, but none available for women?

From this experience, an idea was born.  Why not create a fictional strip club for women based in the heart of Austin – South Congress Avenue? Imagine the fabulous characters who can work in the club or visit the club, I told myself. Why, there would be enough characters and situations to write an entire series of stories!

And I was right. There ARE loads of interesting characters and situations that I’ve invented for a new series, the Strip Club Series, from Ellora’s Cave Publishing.  

Iron Rods, the name of the fictional strip club, is the first book in the series. In this book the reader learns some of the back story behind the club, the club’s crazy owner, the owner’s estranged New Yorker son Bennett Truitt, and the Iron Rods staff.  But that’s not all.  Readers also see how the club changes from a rundown, hole-in-the-wall to a budding renewed club with the help of the book’s heroine, Tatum Reynolds.   

For more information about Iron Rods, the Strip Club Series, how to get a FREE Iron Rods koozie, as well as author Brenna Zinn, check out the Iron Rods website.  www.IronRods.NET

To buy the book from the Ellora’s Cave website, go to

Interview with a Stripper! 

Interviewer: Hello Mack, if indeed that is your real name. Congratulations on being selected as one of the strippers for the new and improved Iron Rods.

Mack: Thank ye. And Mack is my real name. My accent may be as fake as a three dollar bill, but I carry it off well enough. Dinna ye think?

Interviewer wipes mouth from the pooling drool: Yes. Absolutely. Nothing like a good looking man with a Scottish accent.

Mack: The ladies seem to like it well enough. The more they like what they see and hear, the more they like to tip.  Ye ken?

Interviewer: Oh.  I ken, alright.  So just between us and everyone reading this blog, why the need for all the secrecy?  I mean, really.  It’s not like you’re an FBI agent or a guy under the Witness Protection Program, right?

Mack: *chuckles* I ken what you’re doing, Lass, and it won’t work.  What I will tell ye is that I have a job where my work as a stripper would be frowned upon.  And I dinna want to lose my job.

Interviewer: Fair enough.  Then let’s talk about how you got into stripping.  Have you done it long?

Mack: No, not at all.  I’ve never stripped before, except maybe for a few lasses I dated.  And then it was before I took them in my arms and had the kind of sex with them that curled their toes. But I have danced since I was a kid looking for something to do with my time. I grew up with my granddad, Jamie McKenzie, who truly is from Scotland, and I got into dancing after school to keep myself out of trouble until ol’ Jamie could come fetch me.
Interviewer: No stripper experience?  That’s surprising.  Didn’t Tatum Reynolds, the manager of Iron Rods, make you the lead stripper?

Mack: Aye. She did. I’m as stunned as you.  Clearly the woman has a keen eye.

Interviewer *swallows hard*: It wouldn’t take a keen eye to see you’re an extremely handsome man with talent.   So, um, do you have a girlfriend? Any women in your life?

Mack: No girlfriend. The only woman in my life is my boss and she about drives me crazy.  She has a stick up her backside that’s hard to get past. I wish she would lighten up a bit. Get off my back and into my bed.

Interviewer: Excuse me?  I didn’t hear that last part.

Mack: I said I wish she would get off my back and smile a bit. The woman never smiles.
Interviewer: Now that you’ve had a chance to meet the other strippers, what do you think of the “Men of Iron Rods”?

Mack: For the most part, they’re a fine group of fellas.  There is one though that seems to have a pretty fair-sized chip on his shoulder. Not sure what his problem is – yet. But I have a feeling we may bump heads if he doesna watch his step.

Interviewer: Interesting.  What’s this man’s name?

Mack:  I dinna know what his real name is.  Dinna care, really. His stage name is Archangel. Thinks he’s the bloody star of the show. But we all know who that is, now don’t we?

Interviewer *nodding furiously*: Yes we do.  Speaking of stage name, what’s yours?

Mack: Ack, well, we’re still figuring that out.  Tatum has been saying that the hot thing going on these days is BDSM.  What the bloody hell is BDSM?

Interviewer: Does she mean Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism?

Mack: Well, well now. I dinna ken for sure.  Is that what that means? I had no bloody idea. Verra interesting.

Interviewer: Tatum is right, you know.  BDSM is extremely popular these days.  I’m curious to find out what she has in mind.

Mack: You and me both, Lass.  You and me both.
Interviewer: That about does it for our time today.  Anything you want to say before we wrap up this interview?

Mack: Aye. My story, Masked Secrets, is the second book in Brenna Zinn’s Strip Club series. If you liked Iron Rods, book one. You’re gonna love Masked Secrets.

Click HERE to purchase Iron Rods from Amazon.

To read more about Iron Rods, Masked Secrets and the third book in the series, Dirty Politics, go to www.IronRods.NET.

Here’s a sexy little taste of the story…  

He’d be a fool to walk Tatum inside and take a stab at the chance to bed her again. There was no future for them. They both had to know that. Making matters more complicated, this was her home. If he did sleep with her, what would come next? Most likely there would be an awkward scene where he thanked her for the marvelous fuck and left out any discussion about business. Then he would grab his clothes and make a quick exit.

He couldn’t possibly stay the night. Doing so would suggest there was more to their relationship than he wanted her to believe. Definitely more than he was ready for. Yes, she was incredibly sexy and strangely entertaining. And yes, he felt so much at ease with her that he’d found himself dreaming up excuses to be around her. But a line had to be drawn somewhere. He wasn’t the kind of man who involved himself in relationships. 

Relationships eventually lead to deep feelings. Deep feelings, he’d discovered the hard way, lead to heartache.

Hadn’t he already had enough heartache to last a lifetime?

“Want to come in for a drink?” she asked. “I don’t have any Scotch, but I have cold beer.”

Tatum had to know inviting him into her home meant more than just providing him a cool beverage. Before they finished their first drink, he would have her shirt off and her jeans unsnapped. After that, he wouldn’t stop until she lay spread-eagle on her bed, his mouth attached to the little nub of her clit where he would let his tongue flick until she shouted his name from pleasure.

 Was he a wild beast devoid of principals and decency? No. He might not have been born a gentleman, but he’d certainly been raised as one. He needed to allow her a way to reconsider her offer. It was the right thing to do. Plus he needed a moment to think carefully through his answer. His dick might be ready to accept her most generous overture, but that little brain had a tendency to get him into trouble more times than not. 

Look what a mess it had already landed him in.

“A beer sounds great, but I don’t want to put you out.”

 “You won’t be putting me out at all,” she said, digging her keys out of her purse. “My roommate is in Houston for a few days, so it’s just me at the casa. I’d love to have your company.”

Bennett’s nerve endings sizzled beneath his skin. The beating of his heart quickened and became irregular.

Damn it all! He shouldn’t be considering going in her place. Doing so was wrong, wrong, WRONG!

His fingers tingled at the prospect of stroking her soft tan skin. A light tang of waterworks already filled his mouth in anticipation of kissing her lips, sucking her nipples and licking the sweet folds between her spread legs. If his ramrod-hard cock throbbed with any more force, the damn thing would tear through his slacks.

He wanted her more than any other woman he’d ever had the pleasure of having sex with. What did Tatum possess that inexplicably drew him to her?

Bennett pulled the key from the ignition. “Then my company you shall have.”

He would undoubtedly pile more regrets to his mounting list in the morning, but his body once again trumped his common sense. Tatum had given him a huge green light to proceed. How could he resist?

Tatum flipped the light switch once she opened the door to the townhouse. “Make yourself at home while I get the beers.” She tossed her purse on a table and then scurried off to the kitchen. “I’ll only be a second.”

Although the place smelled slightly of smoke, it was clean and contained matching furniture. Much better than anything he’d anticipated. The second-hand couch and stained carpet he’d imagined didn’t exist. He frowned as he took a quick look around, not happy that his father might be right. Perhaps he did have a tendency to look down from his high horse and expect the worst of people, especially Texans. He was proud to be raised in a family of means and have high standards, but he couldn’t live with being a snob. Mean-spirited bullies who were better than everyone else were the types of people he’d had to deal with growing up. How had he let himself become one of them?

Breezing into the living room with a longneck bottle in each hand, the flyaways from her ponytail framing her face, Tatum had never looked more beautiful. The simple V-neck T-shirt and jeans she wore accentuated her womanly curves. Red Western boots added length to her already long legs.

To hell with the drinks. I want you now.

As she drew close and handed him a beer, he plucked both bottles from her grasp and set them on the coffee table.

“What are you—”

Before she could finish her question, Bennett tugged her to him and covered her mouth with his. She still tasted of chocolate cupcake. With little effort, he parted her lips and swept his tongue over and around hers, picking up even more flavor from her earlier treat. Lord, but he was an absolute fool for chocolate, not to mention this tantalizing woman.
He wrapped an arm around her waist and slid the other around her neck, then drew her tightly against the length of his body. Tatum groaned into his mouth and bright sparks flashed before his closed eyelids when her hip ground against his stiff cock.

Without the benefit of sight, he raked his fingers through her pulled-up hair until he located the ponytail holder. Slowly and carefully, he slipped her long locks free. He repeated the process of combing her hair through his fingers, reveling in its softness. When his hand passed through the silky ends, he placed his palm on the curve of her back and then bunched the cotton fabric of her shirt in his grasp. A quick yank freed the T-shirt from the confines of her jeans.

Rather than break their kiss to remove her top, he lowered his hand through the slight gap between her back and the band of her jeans. His fingers caught on what felt like a taut string. Following the thin strand, his hand found the narrow cleft between two round ass cheeks. He stretched his arm and the tip of his middle finger as far as he could, trying to reach into the depths of the warm crevice, but met disappointment. He settled for rubbing his palm over one tight globe and then the other before grabbing a satisfying handful of the tight flesh.

She moaned, filling his mouth with a titillating low vibration and the delectable taste of sweet chocolate. His dick immediately responded by leaping behind his boxers.

“Where’s your room?” he asked in a strained voice, tightening his grasp on her ass. After their earlier experience on the hard surface of a desk, no way he was going to fuck her on anything other than a comfortable bed tonight.

Tatum nodded toward a hallway.

“Take me there.”

* * * * * *
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