November 28, 2014

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The fifth book in this best selling sci-fi/futuristic series!

Officer Skylar Aris is a woman with a troubled past. As a Class-A Conduit, she is beautiful and deadly, making her stand out among the rest of the Elite soldiers. She has worked hard to succeed as one of the only female interrogators in the Security and Interrogation Division, but everything she has dreamed of is put in jeopardy when she’s given an ultimatum that will change her fate.

Strong and dominant, Director Dominic Stryker is a man who doesn’t let anything stand in his way. When he meets Skylar, he knows she’s the woman he wants to claim, but he never expected she’d also be destined to belong to his best friend, D’Aire Ambassador Arik V’Dir. Two Alpha males, Dom and Arik don’t want to share, but they realize that it’s the only way they can have Skylar...if they can get her to agree.

When a mission forces Skylar to deal with her past, Dom and Arik are determined to stand by her side. But discovering where she comes from changes everything. Will their love be enough to give her salvation, or will the truth shatter their bond and take her beyond their reach?



Skylar wiped the sweat from her brow and heaved out a breath. Without turning, she asked, “Are you here to gloat?”

“Those units weren’t made to sustain that kind of damage.”

“Jax can bill me.” 

She turned so their eyes met and he could see barely banked anger burning in her icy blue eyes. He wondered what had her so twisted up. He was glad he had taken the time to change before seeking her out. His casual black shirt and loose fitting pants made their meeting far more relaxed then if he had remained in his uniform. Going for a casual response, he uncrossed his arms and leaned against the low wall that separated the individual training area they were in from the rest of the room. “You want to explain what your comment meant, Sky?”

“As if you don’t know.” 

Rage all but radiated from her, but he wasn’t afraid. He raised an eyebrow at that, his confusion clear. “Would I ask if I knew?”

That seemed to give her pause. “You don’t know about my meeting with the regents?”

Dom straightened, instantly going on alert. “You had a meeting with them? When? About what? I thought the mission brief was scheduled for tomorrow.”

“You really don’t know, do you?”

Irritation made him scowl. “I said I didn’t. You know I don’t lie.”

She slowly nodded as her body seemed to relax. “Yeah, I do know that.”

“Obviously the meeting was bad enough for you to come here and beat the shit out of that droid. Tell me what happened.”

Her eyes narrowed at him. “I’m not on duty, Director. Don’t give me orders.”

“Fuck that, Sky,” Dom snapped. “Stop trying to pick a fight and just tell me why you’re upset.”

She let out an impatient breath. “You’re so damn bossy.”

He grunted as he took a step toward her. “So you are always telling me. Now, quit stalling.”

She ignored him as she walked over to the low wall to pick up the hoodie she had left hanging there and put it on, pulling up the zipper as she turned back to him. “The regents have decided that I need to choose a bonding pair or else I will be taken off active duty.”


Her brows raised at that. “No? What do you mean, no?”

Skylar watched as his expression hardened as if were made of stone. His dark eyes gleaming with banked fury as he glared back at her. “It means, fuck no, they can’t do that.”

A weight lifted off her chest at the words he practically snarled at her. It was true that he didn’t lie, but she had needed to see his reaction in order to really believe it. 

“It’s done, Dom,” she said quietly. “I have until the end of this mission, then I will be relieved of my position if I don’t choose. Even so, I was informed that Jax could take me off the investigation if my past gets in the way.”

“Fuck!” he raged as he slammed a fist down on the low wall, shocking her into silence. He spun on her, eyes blazing with anger. “Do you really think I had anything to do with that? You think I have waited this long for you just to fuck it all up by having them push you into this position? I want you to choose me. To come to me and Arik of your own free will, not have you forced to take us just because you have no other option.”

“Well, we can’t all get what we want now, can we?” she spit out bitterly. “And what do you mean by waiting for me, you arrogant ass? Did you think I was just going to give in one day and beg you to claim me?

“Ha! You wouldn’t beg for water if you were dying of thirst, you stubborn woman.”

“Damn right.” She turned to leave, but Dom grabbed her arm, spinning her around again.

“We aren’t done.”

“Let go of me,” she snarled as she jerked her arm away from him. “Do you think I’m going to just let you claim me now because the regents think they can force this on me?”

“No, I know you're going to let me claim you because of this.”

Dom grabbed hold of her, wrapping one strong arm around her waist while the other wound her hair tight around his fist. Using it a leverage, he jerked her head back and slammed his mouth down on to hers, taking her lips in a brutal kiss. Her body went rigid in his hold, and he braced himself, ready to take the surge of energy he was sure she would hit him with. 

But it never came. 

Her hand came up to the front of his shirt, but instead of shoving him away, Dom felt her fist the material in her grasp to pull him closer. Fuck it, he thought. If he wasn’t on his ass from her shocking the shit out of him, he might as well take advantage and thoroughly enjoy the situation. 

Dom’s grip on her tightened as he coaxed her lips apart, spearing his tongue deep to mate with hers. She let out a soft moan that made his cock painfully hard, and she met his passion with equal fervor. There was no hesitation as her own tongue stroked against his, making his body burn with the need to take her. He knew she could feel the rigid length of his cock pressed against her and let out a groan of his own as her body moved enticingly against him.

Stars, he wanted to fucking devour her in great greedy gulps.

He lost himself in the kiss. Forgetting to breath, he had to pull back when he started to get light headed. His lungs billowed as he gulped in air. The feel of her breasts pressed up against his chest made him growl as he lowered his head to taste her again, but the momentary pause had given her enough time to gather her wits. She released her hold on his shirt to push at him, stopping him from claiming lips again.

“Wait! Just...wait.”

“Damn it, Sky,” he growled. “Just let me claim you for star’s sake!”

“No. This is crazy!”

“Crazy is stopping,” Dom argued harshly. “I want you.”


Laurie Roma lives in Chicago and mainly writes contemporary, romantic suspense, and sci-fi romance. She has always loved immersing herself in a good book and now enjoys the pleasure of creating her own. She can usually be found tapping away on her keyboard, creating worlds for her characters while she listens to music. Of course her playlist depends on her mood...but then again, so does her writing.

An avid reader of the romance genre, nothing bothers her more than annoying characters. Seriously, who wants a happy ending for someone that pisses you off? She loves tough alpha-male heroes and strong heroines that have brains as well as beauty. Her novels are filled with both passionate romance and down and dirty lust-driven interludes, as she believes both are essential to a good love story. She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at


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