September 12, 2011

Contest -- Name That Sex Toy!!

Oh, yes. I need creative, imaginative, and kinky ideas for different types of sex toys for my Sexually Awkward series.

Think outside the box. It doesn't even have to be a real toy -- after all, these are Custom Toys, Made to Order (thanks again to Paula!). *wink* If you have an idea, I want to hear it. Any and everything from swings and harnesses to clamps and whips!

I'll announce the winner next Monday and that person will receive a gift tote filled with goodies that I will be giving away at NOLA -- calendar magnets, key chains, coffee mugs, posters, etc. PLUS their choice of a signed print book. :)


  1. Don't enter me for the contest, because sending all that international would cost a lot :P

    But on the subject, I did see someone on tv that made dildo's with vegetables as the original for the mold. She even painted the dildo's so they would seem more real.

  2. You're sweet, but everyone is welcome to enter the contest. I don't mind shipping international. :)

    And I LOVE that! OMG! Too funny!

  3. Sounds awesome! I'd love to enter, lets see ...
    Hmm, I suddenly had an Idea... kinda lame and don't know if it's already been made and all but..How about Handcuffs that are connected to a dildo? lol...
    Every time he moves he moves it inside himself and so... he is properly restrained! and completely at his partners mercy~
    as for It's name... haha... I thought of.. DiChained. >D haha! /shot

  4. I don't know if you have a winner or not, but when I saw this post I had a flash of 2 subs and a ballgag with a dildo attached. If they don't already make that toy then they should :)


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