September 16, 2011

Endless Midnight [The Moonlight Breed 5]

 Coming September 24th

Boston was tired, pissed off, and freezing his fucking nuts off. He’d driven across the damn country, been attacked by a bloodsucker, and now he was expected to go tromping through the woods in the middle of a blizzard to rescue someone he’d never even met. Yep, life was just damn peachy.
A commotion outside his small room in the cabin drew his attention. “What now?” he grumbled under his breath as he went to investigate. Stepping out of the room, he froze in his tracks when five men shuffled into the cabin behind Xander and Talon. He immediately recognized them as the assholes who’d attacked their pack at the diner. “What the fuck are they doing here?” he yelled. Had his alpha completely lost his mind?
Xander held up his hands, palms out. He looked wary and just a little pissed off at Boston’s attitude. “They’re here to help. Calm down, and let’s hear what they have to say.”
What choice did he have? Nodding curtly, he crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at the vampires and prepared to defend his family by any means necessary. While anger boiled just under the surface, deeper inside, Boston trembled with fear. The sooner they could get the bloodsuckers out of there, the better.
His eyes strayed to the smallest of the group as the head vampire went through his introductions. The guy was damn sexy for a vampire, but there was something else about him that wouldn’t allow Boston to look away.
“This is Malakai, the tech man, and kind of liaison of sorts,” the leader, Stavion, finished.
Malakai lifted his eyes, looking straight at Boston, and Boston felt his brain go fuzzy, his gums itch, and his belly flutter. What the hell was going on? Then everything seemed to come in slow motion as the small man crossed the room to stand directly in front of him.
His sweet scent hit Boston like a runaway freight train, slamming into him hard enough to steal the air from his lungs. His nostrils flared, his cock hardened, and his blood roared inside his ears. Mine!
That one thought brought Boston out of his lusty haze, and he stumbled back, shaking his head frantically. “I will not have a vampire as a mate!” Without another word, he spun around and raced for the sanctuary of the bedroom. Slamming the door closed behind him, he fell to his knees and began pulling at his hair. “Not again,” he whimpered. Fate was the cruelest bitch he’d ever met.
He could hear the others talking in the next room, but he couldn’t make out what they were saying. Struggling up from the floor, he staggered over to the bed and perched on the edge of the mattress. His sienota could not be a vampire. He refused to accept it.
Just like your first mate refused to accept you, an evil voice whispered inside his head. You’re so broken not even your mate wants you. “Damn it,” Boston growled.
The bedroom door creaked open, and Keeton strolled in with a wide smile on his face. The little vampire shuffled in behind him, his head lowered and his eyes downcast.
“Get him out!” Boston roared. He couldn’t be in the same room with the man without wanting to pounce on him and lick every inch of his skin. He wouldn’t do it, though. He couldn’t.
“Oh, shut up already,” Braxton said sourly as he followed in behind the other two. “We’re right here, and we’re not fucking deaf.” He slammed the door hard enough to shake the walls, crossed his arms over his chest, and glared. “You’re being a complete dick,” he added in a quieter voice.
“I’m sorry,” Malakai whispered. “I’ll go.”
Keeton wound his arm around the vampire’s shoulders and held him in place. Boston bit back his growl before it could escape. He didn’t like Keeton touching his mate. No one should be touching Malakai except him. Only, he couldn’t, and he knew it.
“Why are you so against being his mate?” Braxton asked.
“That’s really none of your business.” Boston jumped up from the bed and moved across the room, as far as he could get from Malakai.
“Well, I think it’s his business,” Keeton said with a dip of his head toward the vampire beside him.
“It’s okay. I understand.” Malakai still spoke in that same dejected whisper that ripped at Boston’s heart.
“I can’t.” Boston pleaded for the man to hear him. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.”
Malakai held his hands up and shook his head. “Please, just stop. I get it.”
Oh, he really didn’t, but Boston wasn’t going to argue with him. They all stood in silence for a long time, not even Braxton or Keeton speaking. Boston felt like he was suffocating. They were too close. Malakai was too close. He needed to get away.
Maybe it made him a coward, but that’s exactly what he intended to do—run away and never look back.

“W–What are you doing h–here?” he stuttered.
Without saying anything, Flynn rose from the bed and began walking a slow circle around Malakai. “Ya want him.”
Huh? “Huh?”
“Boston. Ya want him.”
Flynn’s voice was quiet but hard. Had Malakai missed something? Was the shifter jealous? Had he and Boston talked and decided that they were better off without him? It wouldn’t be the first time Malakai had been shunted to the side. “I…uh.” It wasn’t intelligent. Hell, it was barely coherent, but Malakai just didn’t know what to say.
“I’ve seen that way ya look at him.” Flynn’s voice washed over him, making him shiver. God, he wished he had something more covering him than a towel. “Aye, I’ve seen the fire in those eyes of yours.”
“I…don’t.” Malakai closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He wasn’t denying that he was fiercely attracted to Boston. He had two of the most gorgeous mates on the planet. No, his statement had been a plea. Please don’t send me away.
Flynn stopped behind him and moved closer, molding himself to Malakai’s back. His fingers skimmed down Malakai’s chest and right over the towel. He parted the fabric slowly, revealing the throbbing erection hiding there. Then those warm fingers wrapped around his length and squeezed him gently. “This says ya do.”
Of course Flynn would have misunderstood his words. Malakai didn’t know why, but in that moment, he got pissed. “Yes, I want him!” he snarled. “I want you both so much it hurts. Is that want you wanted to hear?”
Flynn chuckled, his warm breath fanning over the side of Malakai’s neck. “Aye, my darlin’. That’s what I’ve been needin’ to hear.” He gave the towel a little tug until it fell from Malakai’s waist to pool on the floor around his feet. “If I promise not to claim ya, will ya give me what I need?”
“I’ll give you anything,” Malakai replied honestly.
“Thank fuck,” came a breathy reply.
Malakai jumped a little when he opened his eyes to find Boston standing in front of him, gloriously naked and cock in hand. Licking his lips, he whimpered just a little at all the smooth, tanned skin on display. “Please,” he begged. While he may not be ready to take that final plunge and bind them together eternally, he desperately needed to feel his mates.
His eyebrows drew together in confusion when he reached for Boston, only to have the man grab his wrists to prevent him. “This is all for you, baby. Whatever you want with no pressure. Just let us take care of you.” He gave Malakai a little wink. “We owe you, remember?”
Yes, oh, yes, Malakai remembered, and he fully intended to collect.
Boston leaned down to nip at his lips then flicked his tongue out to sooth the slight sting. His hands and mouth left a trail of liquid heat down Malakai’s chest and abs as he slowly lowered to his knees.
Flynn’s hands replaced Boston’s mouth, roaming his chest and stopping only occasionally to tug at his nipples while he continued to lick and suck at Malakai’s neck and shoulders. Closing his eyes and dropping his head back to Flynn’s shoulder, Malakai moaned loudly when wet heat engulfed the head of his cock, and a slippery tongue began probing at his slit.
“So good,” he panted, thrusting his hips to push his aching dick farther into his lover’s mouth. Another strangled groan fell from his lips when Boston swallowed him to the root, massaging the crown of his cock with his throat muscles.
Okay, he could definitely learn to live with having two big, sexy shifters loving on him. He imagined he might even crave it after this. How long could he continue to fight against them when they made him feel so good? While the things they were doing to his body were beyond amazing, it was the warmth in his heart that would prove to be his downfall if his men ever decided to leave him. It wouldn’t be long before they tore down every wall, wormed their way inside, and took up residence.
A slick finger pushed through his ass cheeks and zeroed in on his clenching hole, driving all negative thoughts from his mind. Deciding to focus on the pleasure and worry about the bad stuff later, he rocked back against the digit until it pushed inside his greedy ass.
“Yesss,” he hissed. “More. Please, I need more.”
“Will ya come for me then, Malakai? Will ya scream for me?”
“Yes. Anything! Please!” His snapped his hips faster, fucking Boston’s mouth while Flynn’s finger sawed in and out of his tunnel.
“Then come for me,” Flynn growled, curling his finger and pegging Malakai’s prostate.


  1. Eek! I can't believe the fifth one is finally here!! \o/ I'm so happy!
    LOVE the excerpts!

  2. Great to see that this book is coming soon! Love this series :)


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