January 20, 2012

Please Welcome Keeton Taylor!

Okay, so Ms Evans is giving us free rein over her blog today. She’s a brave soul, that one. Anyway, we decided it wouldn’t really be any fun unless we just had a huge party and invited as many people as possible. We’re going to forgo the alcohol, though, because Echo is such a freakin’ slush (slutty lush.) That child cannot hold his liquor.

I should probably start out by introducing myself. I am the wonderful, magnificent, and utterly stunning Keeton Taylor, and I will be your host for this fabulous party.

Echo: And he has an enormous head with that over-inflated ego.
Keeton: Please ignore the little one. He thinks he’s prettier because his hair is longer.

Echo: I am prettier. Just ask anyone.

Keeton: Just because you have seven men, does not make you prettier. It just makes you a slut.

Echo: Jealous much?

In actuality, I’m not jealous at all. I can barely keep up with Logan. Just don’t tell him I said that. He already thinks I like him.

Keeton: Just how is it that you ended up with seven guys? And how the hell do you keep track of all of them? Don’t they just kind of blend together?

Echo: Haha! Well, I don’t know exactly how I ended up with them, but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them for all the gold in the world. If you knew them, you wouldn’t be asking how I keep track of them. They might all be demons, but they’re all so very different.

I can’t really help but shudder at the mention of demons. While I know a great chap by the name of Jory Lahman, who just happens to be a demon, my previous associations with the breed have not been pleasant. Let’s just say that I don’t care to repeat the experience with an Arsidian Demon any time soon.

Keeton: So, where are your mates anyway? I thought we were having a party.

Echo: They’ll be here soon. Unlike you, they like when I’m a slush.

Keeton: Hey, at least I don’t get drunk and dance around in my underwear!

Echo: I was completely sober for that, thank you very much. Besides, didn’t I hear that you answered your door in nothing but a thong and a tiara?

Keeton: I had on socks, too. Besides, that was before I met Logan. I was a bit of an attention whore back then.

Echo: Whore being the key word there.

Gabrielle: Boys, play nice. Don’t make me separate you.

Keeton and Echo: Yes, ma’am.

Keeton: Did you hear that Ms Evans is continuing the Moonlight Breed series? Now who’s jealous?
Echo: Yeah, well, bite me.

Gabrielle: (whispering) Don’t worry Echo. I have that idea we talked about written down. I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Echo: She likes me better.

Keeton: You just need more attention. You’re like the baby of the family.

Jory: Actually, I think I’m the youngest person at this party. Plus, I outrank you, so shove over.

Remember the demon brat I was talking about? That would be Jory. He thinks he’s hot shit because he’s an elder now. Whoever decided to make a nineteen year old twerp an elder is certifiably insane. What’s he going to do to the bad guys? Make them ice cream?

Gabrielle: Keeton.

Keeton: (clears throat) Umm, right, so I’ll take questions from the audience now.

Gabrielle: Keeton!

Keeton: Shit! Fine, fine! How about we braid Echo’s hair?

Gabrielle: Keeton James Taylor!

Crap, I think she really means business this time. I hate it when she gets that tone. It usually means that she’s about to…

Logan: Hello, angel.

I knew it! I totally knew she was going to rat me out!

Keeton: Hello, big guy. We were just about to braid the slush’s hair.

Logan: How about you put a sock in it and let Echo take over for a while? I brought you some nail polish.

Oscar: Oooohh! What color? Lemme see!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Oscar Mayer. Haha! No, I’m joking. His last name is Rhymes, but that’s not nearly as much fun as Mayer. Anyway, he and his friends have had a pretty rough life. Flynn’s brother—you remember Flynn Murphy, right?—well, his brothers found poor Oscar and his friends living in cave in Missouri…Arkansas? Whatever, the point is they’re kind of freaks. I mean that with a lot of love, though.

See, me and Braxton, along with a little help from Jackson, had to convince our big, stubborn mates to move to Wyoming to help take care of these guys. Haven is a great place, but for these white-pelted shifters, it can still be dangerous.

But, I digress. Oscar loves colors. The more the better. And if you think this guy is nuts, wait until you get a load of his mate, Demetrius. Now, that guy is scary! I don’t know all the details, but the dude can’t fully shift back to human. Eeek! He loves Oscar to bits, though, so I guess that’s the important thing. But you can find out more in the next Moonlight Breed book, Make it Shine.

Echo: So, Oscar, you’re a shifter? What exactly do you shift into?

Oscar: Do I have to answer, Ms Evans?

Gabrielle: No, sugar, you don’t have to answer. I bet people would be interested, though.

Oscar: (blushes but nods) I’m a porcupine-shifter.

Jory, Keeton, and Echo: Awwwww!

Echo: Can you show us? I bet you’re adorable.

Oscar: Ummm, maybe later?

Hex: I heard there was a party!

At this point, the seven biggest, most terrifying men I’ve ever seen walk into the room. I’m in Logan’s lap faster than you can blink, because damn! Those guys are fucking scary. It’s like someone supersized them at the drive-thru. Plus, they’re demons. And they have some freaky ass eyes. Who the hell has red eyes?

Although, the one with the silver hair is kind of cute.

Echo: Don’t even think about it Slutarella.

Now Echo has the goo-goo eyes while he’s passed around like a deli sandwich between all seven guys. I still just don’t get it, but if it works for them, who am I to judge?

Jory: They’re demons?

I know what he’s thinking, but I don’t comment. When I look at Hex and the other warriors, they’re what I picture a demon to be. Big and totally bad ass. Jory, on the other hand, is a shrimp. Again, I mean that with love, but the guy is smaller than me. Not exactly intimidating.

Stavion: Don’t let it get to you, baby. You outrank them, remember?

Jory gets this shit-eating grin on his face, because of course, Stavion’s right. That fucker is always right. I kind of hate that, but since he’s a leader, I guess it wouldn’t make sense if he had his head up his ass and didn’t know what he was doing. Still, if he tells me one more time that we can’t build an indoor pool at Haven, I’m going to smack him in the face with my dick.

Jade: I’m feeling totally out of place here. Am I the only person that can’t do something wicked cool like turn into an animal or kill shit with my mind?

I’m looking around the room, trying to figure out who can kill stuff with their mind. While that’s a neat trick, I’m thinking I might want to avoid that person. Or suck up to them. Whatever keeps me from getting my head blown up like in that movie Scanners.

And sweet baby Jesus, who the hell is that? I take back what I said about the demons. This new dude totally just climbed down the beanstalk.

Jade: This is Archias. He’s mine.

Archias: Are these friends of yours, draga?

Jade: Uh, kind of. Maybe we should just be going.

I don’t know the guy that well, but hell, I don’t want him feeling like he has the plague.

Keeton: Hey, there’s a pool table in the back corner. Take your bodyguard here, and go make someone let you play.

Damn, hosting this party is a lot of work. Why did I think this was a good idea? Whatever, maybe if I keep screwing it up enough, Ms Evans will take over and let me go play with my new nail polish. Just as soon as I steal it back from Oscar.

Keeton: Where’s Braxton? Him and Xander were supposed to be here forever ago.

Logan: I don’t think they’re going to make it. Braxton is a little…tied up at the moment.
Okay, no, no, no! Can’t those two keep their hands off each other for five freakin’ minutes? I mean, really?! I totally need a drink.

Raven: Stop! Don’t drink that!

I stop with my water glass halfway to my lips and look at the vampire Enforcer like he’s lost his mind, because it’s obvious that he has.

Raven: I can’t find Nuri.

Ah, now I get it. Raven’s mate is a little ball of energy named Nuri. He also happens to be a water nymph. I mean, the dude literally changes into water. Glancing down at my glass, I place it gently on the table. I’m not sure if Nuri can fit into a water glass, but I’d rather not chance it. Gross.

Keeton: Have you checked the toilet?

I’m not really sure why the big oaf is glaring at me. It seems like a perfectly logical question to me. Actually, I know for a fact that Nuri is in the back corner playing pool with Jade. It’s extremely entertaining to watch Raven running around like an idiot, though. Serves him right after all the shit he gave the rest of us about being mated.

Keeton: Oops, I think I just heard the toilet flush. You better hurry.

Logan: You are evil.

A shiver races up my spine because I know that tone. I’m pretty sure I’m about to be punished, and I can’t wait for it.

Gabrielle: You about ready to wrap it up?

I am, but I don’t want to be rude. There are a lot of people who still haven’t made it yet. I know Ms. Evans is counting on me, but have you seen my mate? Damn, that man could make a blind man pant at thirty paces.

Gabrielle: It’s fine. Go have fun. We can always do this again sometime. I still have another blog to do on the 31st. Though, maybe I should ask Braxton to host that one.

To be fair, Braxton is a lot more responsible. If she wants to make sure it’s done right, she should probably have one of the alphas do it. They’re used to being in charge. Seriously, this shit is for the birds. No offense to any birdie-shifters out there.

Gabrielle: We need to decide what prize we’re going to give away, though.

Echo: I think it should be a big one.

Keeton:  I agree. Something almost as awesome as I am.

Logan: You’re so modest, angel. I don’t know where you get this lack of self-confidence.

That’s my Logan, always the jokester. I realize this is a pretty big decision, and I really don’t want to get it wrong. I think it’s time to call in reinforcements. Gathering up Jory, Echo, and Oscar, we huddle in the corner, whispering and giggling. I can see Ms Evans glaring at us from across the room. I don’t think it’s my imagination that she’s looking a little worried as well. Ha!

Keeton: Okay, we’ve decided!

Gabrielle: So, what’s it going to be?

Echo: All nine Fatefully Yours books in print.

Jory: Plus twenty-five dollars in StandBucks.

Oscar: And a twenty-five dollar gift certificate to Sephora. They have the best nail polish.

Keeton: And your next three releases in ebook.

Okay, so that didn’t go exactly as I planned. Then again, that’s what I get for putting Keeton in charge. Still, he’s calling the shots today, and you heard the guy.

One very lucky winner will win:

All 9 Fatefully Yours books in print

A $25 gift certificate to BookStrand

A $25 gift certificate to Sephora.

My next 3 upcoming releases in ebook:

Strip: Tease and Search [Lawful Disorder 2]

Invincible [Haven 5]
Flawless [Haven 6]

So, comment below and don’t forget your contact info!

Contest ends January 22nd at midnight EST.


  1. Oh God Gabrielle!!

    You had me nearly peeing myself, that was so, so funny, ROFLMAO.

    I so love Keeton, he is just too cute for words.

    Thanks for sharing the little tid bits about your upcoming books, that was totally awesome and I so can't wait to read them :-)



  2. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Omg so funny ! I would love to go to a party with all of them ! I cant wait for the rest of the haven books to come out ! & I cant wait for the next of moonlight breed to come out ! I still havent read faithfully yours series yet ! I will soon though :o)

    Deborah H

  3. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Omg so funny ! I would love to go to a party with all of them ! I cant wait for the rest of the haven books to come out ! & I cant wait for the next of moonlight breed to come out ! I still havent read faithfully yours series yet ! I will soon though :o)

    Deborah H

  4. ROFLMAO! That was great. I love the interaction with all the characters. But especially between Keeton and Echo. Makes me want to go do a re-read of all these books. Can't wait for Oscars story. A porcupine. It will kind of remind me of growing up. My dad made up stories about a porcupine and a skunk (Freddie and porky) except they were stories for kids. They all had a moral to them.


  5. I love all of those guys, The Slush and Slutarella...they are so much fun. God I hope Keeton never grows up! And I hope you never stop writing these fabulous stories! Love all of them! Can't wait for the next Moonlight Breed book. I can't wait to see what you do with a porcupine

  6. Maybe we should start calling you Sybil?? :p

    Seriously that was sofa king funny! LOVED it all!!!

    Looking forward to Lawful Disorder 2! Loved the first one!!!! Actually, love all your books that I have. ;) Especially Wicked River. ;) OK OK OK!! Don't throw that cue ball!!! Guys, HELP!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  7. I'm laughing my ass off. Thanks for having such an entertaining party. ;)
    You rock!


  8. Sarah S1/20/2012

    I absolutely loved this!! I would have burst out laughing if my roommate wasn't asleep. I love how you introduced future characters even if it took me a moment to process who they were with my mind half asleep.

    I loved Keeton and Echo and well everyone! I can already tell that I'm going to absolutely love Oscar and Nuri! So excited to read all the books that you plan on publishing. Now to read Race for the Sun before sleep takes me away. Then I'm pretty sure I'll have read every single one of your m/m romance books.


    ~Sarah or

  9. Anonymous1/20/2012

    You. Are. Amazing. I love how the little guys are in charge of everything :) I can't WAIT for the upcoming books!!!! New characters, new friends :)


  10. LOL!! omg!! This was the best character interview ever! I loved it!
    It was so nice to see Keeton and Echo again. as well as Jade and Archias. Ahh! I love them all! lol...
    Omg, omg! and really?!?! A possible sequel or short novella for Echo?!?! Ahh!! That would make me the happiest girl ever!! lol...

    Thank you Keeton, Echo, Jory, and Oscar (xD and of course Gabrielle) for the amazing contest/giveaway!! <33


  11. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Ahh always a pleasure to hear from Keeton, and wow new guys too.

    Hi Guys! *waves madly* and Hi Gabrielle!

    Good luck in choosing a winner, I know they'll be over the moon.

    Hugs, Tess

  12. Anonymous1/20/2012

    I don't think I have laughed so loud in a long time! Priceless...

  13. Anonymous1/20/2012

    That was brilliant Gabrielle,
    the perfect thing to start the day!!!
    Thanks for the hints into your future books I can't wait for them.


  14. Wish that was a real party!! Those guys are sooooo funny! Looking forward to reading more about them.
    And what an amazing giveaway.
    Hugs xx

  15. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Gabrielle: this was probably one of the most original, wonderful blog posts, EVER. Along with these other commenters, I have been laughing until I hurt. Please, please continue doing this every now and then in your blog. What a GREAT idea! There's a lot of Keeton in me, even though I'm a lot older than him, and I recognize so many of the same antics. Tell Logan he seriously needs to send a white shifter (a cousin of his will do) to come see me for a lifetime mating!


  16. LOL! That's hilarious.

    You gotta love Keeton... & the others of course, but Keeton is special.

    Thanks for letting us know about your upcoming books. Can't wait, so excited.

    GFC: Jewel
    jewel4jay at hotmail dot com

  17. Anonymous1/20/2012

    What a wonderful interview! I just LOVED it!!! Took a while to read because I couldn't stop laughing.

    Linda A

  18. That was so funny, and just what I needed to wake me up this morning! Can't wait to read the books!

  19. Helén1/20/2012

    A great party!
    Love Keeton.


  20. LeeAnn Pratt1/20/2012

    That was great! Such awesome news that there will be more books to look forward too and hear what kind of mischief they guys will be getting into..:)Cannot wait!


    I am thinking the guys might like my addy...seems I get alot of email about male enhancement and women saying my profile is hot..WHAT? I am a female for gods sake and bigred refers to the gum..geesh!..rofl

  21. hello girl:

    you made my year more bearable, for that and for all the wonderful books you have shared with me, I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    choosing Keaton to be the narrator was a great idea,the little mates are the ones who make your stories so good that I spend all day reading them between class; it was funny the way that you found to enter the awards and although I'm not going to win no matter that I will not forget this story.

    Thanks for your fantastic book, yaris

  22. OH, Oh, count me in on this! This is HUGE! All those wonderful stories... I'm salivating over here like a wanton werewolf.

    Great party, Keeton :D

  23. Oh! That was hilarious! Can't wait to see what Braxton does when he hosts!! Thanks for the gathering and great prize offer!!

    Pretty sure my email and stuff is linked from my name, but just in case here's one I use a lot:

    Thanks again for sharing this!

  24. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Oh, Ms. Evans, you have just made me fall more in love with your characters. Keeton is such a doll, who doesn't love him? And Echo...*shakes head* Those two. LOL It was so much fun hearing about old characters and more so on upcoming mates! Can't wait to see more of them. :)


  25. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Still haven't stopped laughing!
    I just love Keeton.
    That was great, thanks :)

  26. :D

    It was fun, Gabrielle, the guys are so funny. Glad to hear about them again.

    Can't wait for the next releases! And thank you very much for this super prize, you're awesome :)



  27. You know these prizes could be considered one of the best Christmas or Birthday Presents EVER!! I mean my Bday isn't til May and Christmas is past but OOHH BABY. Getting a hold of your work in print( I love collecting my favorite authors in print)and your new releases could also be considered a reason for a great orgasm. OOPPSS did I really say that but oh well but it's true. LOL. ;D
    p.s. That interview was so funny!

  28. OMG!! Gabrielle, that was simply awesome and fabulously done. I loved that even with all the pokes made, they all still got along and were good to each other.

    This really made my morning after a horrible night at work. So THANK YOU!!


  29. What a great giveaway!!! Thanks for the sneak peeks of your upcoming books. This was so much fun. thanks.


  30. LMAO. SOO not good to read at the day job. LOL

    Chris R
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  31. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Oh God that was hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. Absolutely loved it. Cant wait for Lawful Disorder 2 to come out as well as your other up and coming books.

  32. LOVED Echo and Keeton! they were too much for me and you just made it better when you came into the conversation! I loved this interview it was so funny and I loved how the characters interacted with one another, and you sounded like their mom when you used Keeton's full name! lol I literally woke my dog up because I was laughing so hard!
    You make me laugh when I read your blog but this was up there as one of my favorites. Thanks for making my Friday even more enjoyable!

  33. What a hoot, you totally made my day. Now I can't wait to start reading these books.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  34. Wow - loved this post. It was very entertaining.

    This is an amazing prize.


  35. OMG I really love Keeton, Jory,Oscar and Echo they are the best. I Laughed so hard I almost past out from lack of oxygen...LOL... I can't wait to find out more about Oscar and his mate, or even meet Raven's mate.
    Thanks for chance to win such an awesome prize...

  36. Andrea1/20/2012

    That was hilarious!!!!! I almost wet myself laughing so hard. I always did love Keeton and that just makes it better. Thank you for that I needed a good laugh today.


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    OMG Girl - that was hilarious and a great way to greet Friday. Am looking forward to reading your upcoming books. Have a great weekend.

  38. Great interviews and I LOVED meeting so many of these colorful characters! I 'll definitely have to learn more about you through your books. Thanks too for the awesome prize!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  39. Anonymous1/20/2012

    That was awesome! Keeton is just too much. It was great how he interacted with the other characters. I could just picture them in my mind. I really enjoyed myself. Thank you.

  40. That was brilliant Gabrielle,Thanks for the sneak peeks of your upcoming books.Looking forward to Lawful Disorder 2 & more of the Haven Series.


  41. niki driscoll1/22/2012

    I loved the commentary. I would have never thought to mix the bunch. It was just great. cant wait to read the one with Brax as host.


  42. Anonymous1/22/2012

    This was great, I was glad to read you will have another so soon after this one =D



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