January 19, 2012

A Year In Review

Wow, so what can I say? It’s been a crazy year full of ups and downs, tears and celebration.

I started writing Leap of Faith in January of 2010. We only had one computer at the time, which I seldom was able to wrangle away from my husband or kids, so I wrote the entire story in a notebook by hand.

The writing process alone was grueling, filled with weeks or even months where I wouldn’t write a single word. What was the point? I’d never be published. No one would want to read what I’d written. Yeah, so many, many hours of self-doubt and lack of confidence.

Luckily, cheeky little Braxton Carmichael wasn’t about to let me get away with tossing it all in and giving up. He kept me up at night, intruded into my thoughts during the days, and all around made life a nightmare until I finally had to throw my hands up and say, “Fine! You win! I’ll write the damn thing!”

I finished the first draft in May, at which point my husband decided I was actually serious about this “writing thing” and bought me a laptop. Another month of typing up my manuscript, formatting, editing, and loads more self-doubt ensued, but I won’t bore you with that.

Then it came time for submission. Who do I submit to? I didn’t have a clue. I knew which authors I liked to read and where they were published, so I just went with that. In retrospect, I probably should have invested a bit more research into the process.

Then came my first rejection letter. Since I’d been expecting it, I can’t say that I really fell apart or anything like that. I just brushed it off, made a few revisions and submitted to Siren. Three weeks later, I received an acceptance letter, and let’s just say that I’m pretty sure the neighbors around the block heard me screaming.

January 19, 2011, my work, my baby, was finally published, and I think I spent the entire day forcing myself not to vomit. What if people hated it? What if I didn’t sell any copies at all? What if it was the biggest catastrophe of my life?

Since then, I’ve published 32 manuscripts, have 4 more contracted and scheduled for release, and while the writing and submission process has become easier and less nerve wrecking, release days still leave me twisted up in knots because there is always that risk of failure. It took me a long time (and I’m still learning) to get it through my head that I’m not going to please everyone, and I can’t worry about that. I just have to write what I feel, take the story where my characters lead me, and know that I gave it everything I have.

I have a lot of series started now, but The Moonlight Breed will always be special to me. No matter where I go, my special pack and their trouble-making mates will always be my first, and I thank them for letting me tell their stories. When I finished writing Boston’s story, I thought, “Okay, this is it. Time to say goodbye and move on to other pursuits.”

Well, as usual, my characters roped me in, gave me a good talking to, and in no uncertain terms informed me that they weren’t done just yet. And really? They are the heroes, so who am I to argue? So, I have 5 new books planned with some new and wonderful characters who I’m already beginning to love as much as my original pack. First up, in Book 6: Make it Shine (though I've been known to change the title before actual release lol), is Oscar and his big, badass, and slightly scary mate, Demetrius. I can’t wait to introduce them to everyone, and I hope you love them as much as I do.

-- Gabrielle Evans

I suppose I’ve rambled enough, so let’s get to the prize! To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of Leap of Faith, I’m giving away signed paperback copies of the first 5 books in the Moonlight Breed series to one lucky winner!

Comment below for your chance to win, and please remember your contact info!
Contest ends January 21st at midnight EST.


  1. Leap of Faith was one of the first books of the M/M genre I read. I've re-read it, and subsequent Moonlight Breed and Haven books a few times. Thanks so much for letting Braxton talk you into not letting go!!

  2. Leap of faith was the first book I read of yours. But I was introduced to you through Stormy's and Joyee's yahoo groups when we were given the information on Midnight Matings. I had read both Stormy and Joyee and I loved their writing. So I figured anyone who was writing with them had to be good too. And I was so right! I love all your books.


  3. I'd love the chance to win these paperbacks. Still getting used to eBooks. Can't really snuggle in bed with an eReader.

    Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle!

  4. Love your books! Can't wait to see more of the Moonlight Breed pack. Congratz on the one year anniversary. Seems like you have been around a lot longer. Time flies with a good book.

  5. Congrats on your One Year anniversary and I really hope that there are many more years of publishing ahead of you.

    I looked back at my purchase dates and Leap of Faith was bought on it's release day and was the 1st ever book of yours that I read. I haven't looked back since. I love all of your work and really look forward to each and every release.

    So thanks for listening to Braxton and not depriving us fans of your work :-)



  6. I've read ALL your books Gabrielle, but I'll admit your Moonlight Breed series is my favorite.

    I'm so happy Siren accepted your books otherwise I wouldn't have had the pleasure of reading them.

    Don't let anyone get you down & remember you have so many fans that love you.

    GFC: Jewel
    jewel4jay AT hotmail DOT com

    P.s Happy Anniversary. :D

  7. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Leap of Faith was the first of your books I every bought and now I am hooked. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Gabrielle: I cannot thank you enough for your perserverance in writing The Moonlight Breed. I had looked for a long time for a specific kind of book, and could never find it. I loved supernatural topics, but could NEVER find one where the main characters were both men, were in love, and LIVED by the end of the book. I wanted ROMANCE mixed in all of this. I don't think you realize what an impact that your Moonlight Breed books have made on people, such as myself, who no longer have to 'universalize', can see characters as themselves, and see hot, loving, courageous, wonderful men in love and fighting to keep that love. Gabrielle, thank you for getting that notepad out and giving the Moonlight Breed life.


  9. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Thank goodness that Braxton Carmichael didn't stop talking to you because you are such a WONDERFUL writer. I always preorder your books and download as soon as they are available and I don't let anything stop me from reading it. I hope the characters in your head NEVER stop talking to you. Keep cranking out those great stories.

    Linda A

  10. Helén1/19/2012

    Love your books!

  11. LeeAnn1/19/2012

    I agree with everyone...I am so grateful you listened to you had a choice right *snort*? Anyway I too pre order all your books and wait, i must admit, impatiently for them to be released. Keep up the wonderful work and here's to more from you..:)

  12. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Leap of faith was the first book of yours that I read. I loved it and quickly gobbled up the rest of the series and you other series too. That's quite a busy year you've had, congratulations :)

  13. I love hearing how authors got their starts and how nerve wracking it was for them. Its with that knowledge, that i can really see the progression in their writing. Series are my fave and your Moonlight Breed Pack are next up for me too devour and enjoy. Absolutely love the Midnight Matings Series. You are absolutely one of my fave authors!


  14. Just reading you talk about your first year of writing has given me confidence to finish my story and start some new ones, I have struggled with myself for over two years now because I was made fun of in my creative writing class about what I wrote and what I read so most of my writing was placed in a box and put under my bed but since I have entered college I started reading your blog as well as Joyee Flynn's and Stormy Glenn's, and honestly it has given me courage to start writing again and finishing my stories.
    Thank you for just telling us about your writing.

  15. Love the Moonlight Breed series, Gabrielle.. I'm a fan of paranormal, not so much earlier but now with books like yours I like them a lot more :)

    It's true that you can't please anyone, but you know you please and make happy a lot of people (including me, of course!) with your manuscripts and that should be enough for you.

    Congrats for your writing until now and for the future one!!

    Happy Anniversary XO

  16. Leap Of Faith was the 1st book of yours that I had read. I was addicted after that. I've read everything so now I'm just hanging around waiting for the "Coming Soon" To be here. LOL ;D


  17. Andrea1/19/2012

    Wow what a prize. I think it is amzing Leap of Faith was your first book. It was actually one of the first books to get me hooked on the whole
    M/M genre. Since then I've been addicted. I can't wait for more Moonlight Breed. I should probably thank Braxton for not letting you quit. I am quite sure Keeton was just as loud about his story being told. Thank you Gabrielle for not giving up. I look forward to another year of great books groom you. Happy Anniversary.


  18. Great giveaway! Thanks. I'd love the chance to win. These books sound wonderful.


  19. I'm so very glad you did finish and submit to Siren... you would never have come into my life otherwise!!

    *don't you are enter me in the contest, lol. I'll have you sign books when you come visit!

  20. Anonymous1/19/2012

    I love the moonlight breed series it was one of my first m/m books ive read & I loved it ! My favorite is leap of faith I re-read it all the time ! I cant wait to read the next one coming out :o)

    Deborah :o)

  21. I am haapy to help you celebrate the year anniversary of a wonderful book and I loved reading the Moonlight Breed Series of books and the spinoff Haven Series also. I must say the Leap of Faith was one of the reasons I continue to read your books. It continued my love of everything shape-shifter and vampire. I love your books you keep writing and I will keep on reading.

  22. Not really sure which book of yours was the first one I read, but I do know that I have read all of your books. I am always eagerly awaiting the next book from you. I am happy to see that I am not the only one to have doubts with that first book - I keep telling myself that to be a serious writer I have to write everyday, but sometimes I let it go for weeks on end. Glad I am not the only one and that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

  23. What an amazing journey you took with your writing! I'm glad that you stuck with it and that you're continuing with your amazing series. Thanks for being here and for the great giveaway.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  24. Awesome prize. I can't wait to read this series. Thanks for the chance.

  25. Anonymous1/19/2012

    I have the 1st four Moonlight Breed books and I'm so thrilled that you have more planned for the series. Keep up the great work and Happy Anniversary!

  26. Cogratulations on a great year! This is the 1st of many more to come!


  27. I'm so happy you did indeed take that leap of faith(xD) and published your writting.
    I am so happy to have been able to read the worlds in your mind!
    Thank you (and your husband. lol) for giving us the gift of your characters!!

    I am so excited to see what you'll have for us in the future! Eeek!! I am so excited! <33
    Luv ya Gabrielle!! \o/


  28. Anonymous1/19/2012

    Leap of Faith and By the Light of the Moon were the first two books I read from you. Then again at that time those were the only two books available. Leap of Faith held my attention but it was By the Light of the Moon that got me addicted for more of your stories.

    I'm so glad to hear that you never gave up on trying to get your story out there even after the first rejection letter. I can't even imagine your stories not being published *shudders*


  29. Sugar, congrats on your year anniversary! I am SO glad you persevered! I don't recall which of yours was the first I read, but I DO know I have enjoyed each and everyone from that first to now. I am so looking forward to more years of your books!

    Stacy Wilson

    dragn_lady at yahoo dot com

  30. All I can say is...Thank God for Braxton, and the Moonlight Breed!!!! I love that series!!!! I wish there were more Moonlight Breed shifters!!!!

  31. Thank you to everyone for your lovely and encouraging comments!!!

  32. I remember looking at the coming soon page and seeing Leap Of Faith, after reading the blurb I was like *ooh seems good i'm gonna chance it* after reading it I was * gimmie gimmie gimmie more* when By the Light of the Moon was released I HAD to download it as soon as siren had it loaded, of course I stayed up till 1am reading it, and once again i was in the gimmie more mood.

    I'm so glad you listened to Braxton and wrote Leap of Faith, I now have another fav author that I can never wait to get my hands on her books :d

    I can't wait to meet the rest of the gang that lives in your head :D

    Hugs, Tess

  33. Anonymous1/20/2012

    Happy anniversary, dear Ms. Evans. I cannot tell you how much reading any of your books gives me a sense of belonging. Give my thanks to Braxton for pushing and persevering when push came to shove. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, and for many more to come. :)


  34. niki driscoll1/22/2012

    I really enjoyed this series and cant wait for more.



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