September 18, 2012

Sneak Peek Saturday (a little late)

Schedule of Releases:

In a Stranger's Eyes [Haven 7] -- September 22nd
Leap in the Dark [The Moonlight Breed 8] -- October 6th
Race the Sun [Enchanted 1] -- October 27th
(Note: This title was previously published with a different publisher. It has been revised and expanded to 56k words.)
Cover Coming Soon!
Sneak Peek from Seize the Night [Enchanted 2]
Floating back into consciousness, Emery blinked several times to dispel the blurriness from his eyes. When he could finally focus, the first thing he noticed was an angel kneeling over him, touching him, and whispering words he didn’t understand. Great, I did die.
“How are you feeling, carus?”
Emery frowned but didn’t comment as he assessed his injuries. Other than a headache, some soreness, and the taste of blood on his tongue, he felt completely fine. “I think I’m okay.”
“Good, I’m glad you’re alive, but we need to move. Can you stand?”
“Where are we going?” While he was mostly okay physically, his brain was a scrambled mess of confusion and disorientation.
“They will be back, carus. We must go.”
Memories slammed into Emery, stealing the breath from his lungs as his pulse raced out of control. With shaking hands, he inspected his body, searching for missing pieces of flesh. He found none, but he distinctly remembered being bitten and scratched. Levering himself into a sitting position, he ignored the spinning of his head, and stared wide-eyed at the man in front of him.
“What the fuck were those things? Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you?” He dug his heels into the wet dirt and pushed backward, creating distance between him and Gaius.
“I am Gaius. I am a Moirai of the Forbidden Cirlce of the Limbo Realm. Those things were nekros—bringers of death.” Gaius spoke calmly as though they hadn’t almost died. “What is your name, carus?”
“It sure the hell isn’t carus!” Emery knew he sounded like a complete asshole, but he figured he had the right considering he’d just been mauled by a pack of werewolves. It was almost too fantastical to believe, but he knew what he’d seen.
Gaius just raised an eyebrow at him, staring back patiently. Emery wanted to punch him right in his stupid, beautiful face. “Emery.”
“Okay, Emery, we must leave. Can you stand?” Gaius repeated his earlier inquiry.
“Why am I not dead?”
“Please, we must leave. There will be time for questions later.” Moving closer, he held his hand out to help Emery up from the dirt.
Crab walking backward from the offered hand as though it was a poisonous snake, Emery jumped to his feet and began to pace. His fingers curled and relaxed at his sides, and he shook his head in agitation as he mumbled curses under his breath.
“I guess you can stand,” Gaius said sarcastically. So, the little guy had some fire in him. Good to know.
Memberable Quotes from the Week:
"...because you're not real friends until you're friends on facebook."
"Apparently, I sweat pixie dust."
"It was a case of vigorous self-pleasure."
"Why are you not a gay boy?"
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Genius and the Jock [Men of Holsum College 7] -- Daisy Harris
Accidentally Wolf [A Seraphine Thomas Novel] -- Erin R Flynn

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