April 03, 2013

Welcome Author Kat Lieu

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Kat Lieu was born in Montreal, Canada many moons ago. At present, she is a busy New Yorker with a passion for writing young adult romantic comedies. Winning Third Place in Seventeen Magazine’s Annual Fiction contest in 2006 sparked her love for writing.
Since 2009, her novella, MAID FOR ME, has been an Amazon Kindle category bestseller.
Kat received her doctorate in physical therapy in 2008 from SUNY Downstate. Currently, she educates physical therapy students across multiple New York universities and is also a national lecturer on the topic of lymphedema. During the daytime, she works as a healthcare recruiter. By night, she runs her popular teen/tween online empire, Nummyz Productions ( and with her husband.





Two years ago, Jaiden Daniels met spunky, spitfire Mina Lin, and fell for her. Hard. Son of a billionaire, Jaiden could have anything or anyone he wanted. And yet he couldn't have Mina's heart. Rejected, Jaiden thought that Mina would eventually be nothing but a whisper of a memory to him. Oh how wrong he was. 



Upon standing from her seat, Mina felt as if all the blood had drain from her head. A wave of dizziness almost knocked her to the floor. At first she thought it was the loud music and flickering disco lights that made her head spin. Adding to that, she was dancing with a belly full of food. She blinked and felt giddy. Danni took Mina’s hands and spun her around. They danced to the band’s creative renditions of popular dance songs.
Giggling, Mina stumbled and tripped over her own feet. She fell backward and braced herself for impact with the floor.
Someone with strong arms broke her fall. The back of her head rested against his hard chest.
A familiar scent kissed her nose.
It couldn’t be him…
“I’m sorry,” Mina said, regaining her composure and turning around. She faced a tall young man wearing an elaborate black mask that covered half of his face. He wore a top hat. He said nothing in return. She wanted to take a closer look at his face, but the world before her eyes turned blurry.
“Thanks,” she said, slurring like a boozed-out party girl. “You look like you’re going to a wedding. Hic.” She giggled. “Are you Sailor Moon’s boyfriend?”
It stung Jaiden Daniels when he realized that Mina could not recognize him. And who the heck was Sailor Moon’s boyfriend?
Even with her mask on, he knew that the tipsy girl before him was Mina. He wondered how she could change so much. The Mina he had known and fallen in love with would never drink or make a fool out of herself on the dance floor.
He remembered her words. We hardly know each other. She was right. Disappointed, he walked away without a word.
            Seeing him brush her off, Mina turned away to look for Danni.
Danni, with at least a liter of bubbly flowing through her veins, had the time of her life. She dirty-danced with two girls wearing super tight black dresses and shiny white masks.
            Whenever hot girls were around, Danni would always ditch Mina. Oh well. At least this didn’t hurt her like it did when Kiterin had ditched her for Alyssa. But then again, for five years, Kiterin had been a supportive best friend most of the time. He wasn’t a pervy player like Danni.
Stupid Danni.
Feeling nauseous, Mina left the gym. She needed fresh air.
            Was it something she had eaten? Why did she feel like she had just downed a gallon of Irish stout?
Do I even know what Irish stout is?
Outside the Student Center, Mina sat alone on a bench covered in white tulle. She looked up at the sky and inhaled deeply. I want to puke out my liver. Was the tuna tartare spoiled? Or was it the cheese she had eaten like a hungry mouse? Or did someone spike the fruit punch?
Great. But who the heck spikes drinks these days?
She removed her mask and scratched her itchy and sweaty face. The crisp night air was refreshing. After a few minutes, she felt better even though her temples throbbed. She stretched her neck and wondered whether or not she should go back to the party. Nah. Yawning, all she could think about was her comfy bed and falling asleep to the sound of live laughter in sitcoms.
            A few yards away, a young man spotted Mina.
            His widened eyes brightened. Earlier he had tried to enter the party to meet Mina. Without a costume or an invitation, he could not gain entry. He decided to stay outside and wait for Mina to leave the party.
            Mina was one of the girls he had fantasized about and stalked on a regular basis. College life was just too stressful and lonely for an outcast like him.
            Secretly he shot pictures of all the KU girls he liked with his DSLR. Back in the dorm room he shared with his brother, he would admire the pictures and pretend the girls were all his girlfriends. Seeing Mina dressed up like a cute anime girl, he just couldn’t resist her.



Thinking back on your first book, is there anything you would have done differently?
 I wrote my first published book, Maid for Me, in two weeks. In retrospect, I would have spent more time on it. I would have written a few more drafts and edited it like crazy.
What is one thing about the publishing world that surprised you the most?
How many talented writers we have out there and the bestselling books aren’t always the best-written ones. 
How do you keep your characters and stories organized?
I keep track of them by inserting comments in my Word document.
Have you ever gotten writer’s block? How do you get past it?
When I’m happy, I have serious writer’s block. I’m happily married, I have a great career and things are going well in my life, even though I have multiple stressors. When I’m depressed—that’s when I can write well. I wrote Maid for Me, the first book in the series in two weeks when I was unemployed for three weeks.
What are you currently working on? How is it different from other books you’ve written?
My books are about innocent and pure love. I’m rewriting one book that was an award-winning short story and I’m also writing paranormal young adult novels at the moment.
What advice would you give an aspiring author about the ins and outs of the industry?
Just keep writing. Don’t talk about writing. Don’t tell people you are writing. Just write that darn novel.
Can you offer advice on how to move on from the dreaded rejection letter?
When is your favorite time of day to write?
Right after my nine to five job. I’m a busy woman. I work by day and write by night and over the weekends. I have to spend time with my husband though, so I’ve been writing less.
When and where can readers look forward to seeing you this year?
I’m always in NYC. I check my emails quite often, so write to me at
What is one of your biggest pet peeves?
Mean people, especially people who are mean to you when you’ve been nice to them your entire life time. People who don’t appreciate you.


  1. thanks for the wonderful interview. Kat Lieu is a new author to me and i enjoyed learning more about her.

  2. Anonymous4/03/2013

    Really interesting interview! I'd been wondering if SEVENTEEN still had a fiction contest...good to know!


  3. I love finding new to me authors. well here is another one lol.

  4. Great interview!! When I see people like Kat I feel useless, she just makes so much with her days. The book sound so cute, it's going on my wish list.

  5. sound like a very busy and ambitious woman! Great advice to those starting out in the writing world. I always say don't be afraid to try something and if you don't succeed at first, do it again!

  6. Nice interview and I love Sailor Moon.

  7. Nice interview...I've never read this author...I'll have to look into it. :D

  8. Anonymous4/05/2013

    I am loving the interviews that Gabrielle is doing. I am getting to know authors I have yet to read. I am looking forward to reading Kat's books. Karen NY

  9. Amy S.4/06/2013

    Wow, it only took 2 weeks to write your book. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit about yourself.

    1. Amy S.4/30/2013

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  10. I love the honesty in the interview.

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  11. Great interview! Thanks.
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  12. Loved the interview. Sounds like a good book, can't wait to read it!

  13. This will be a great read for my niece. And if I happen to borrow her ereader no one will ever know.


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