June 05, 2013

Welcome Lexi DeHalo!

L E X I  D E H A L O

Lexi DeHalo lived in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina until she left for college to study Chemistry and Forensic Science. Despite her love for science, Lexi’s heart has always belonged to the arts. So, after moving to the big city, she decided to pursue her creativity by writing hot stories about hot men who love other hot men.
She welcomes questions and comments from her readers on Facebook, Goodreads, or her website.

Forbidden Moon [Be-Were 2]
Adam Anderson must put aside his broken heart for his Pack. Taking on a dangerous mission deep within the mountains is a step in the right direction. When Adam is severely injured, he is rescued by a lone shifter with a past as troubled as his own. What evolves from there is a romance that awakens feelings he hasn’t had since the death of his mate.
After his pack’s betrayal, Cersin Everett swore never to trust again. He resigned himself to a solitary life far away from both pack and past. However, a hunting trip turned rescue mission brings him a man who can teach him what it means to hope again.

As Sin shows Adam his world, it becomes harder for them to deny their growing feelings. But theirs is a forbidden match, an unmated pairing. They will have to either surrender their newfound love or be torn apart by the world outside the sanctuary of Sin’s home.

Adult Excerpt
“You like my riding crop, I see,” Sin said with amusement. Adam whimpered in response. He was so close to coming as a steady stream of pre-cum dripped down to the floor below.
“Do you want more?” Sin’s voice brought him back from the edge as Adam tried to focus on what he was saying. Fuck, what did he just ask?
Sin reached and cupped Adam’s balls to the point of pain, and Adam cried out. “I asked you a question. Do you want more of my riding crop?”
“Y–yes. Yes, Master. Please.”
“Good pup.” Sin released his hold, and sensation rushed back to his sac. Sin didn’t waste any time. He struck again on Adam’s inner thigh. That’s definitely going to leave a mark. But Adam didn’t care. He fell back into head space almost instantly as his body begged to be used by Sin. The more severe the lashes became, the closer Adam was to falling over the edge.
He stroked his cock with more intensity as he felt himself climax. “Five more lashes and you may come,” Sin stated. “Count them for me.”
The first lash landed on his left ass cheek. “One,” Adam said through clenched teeth. His free hand was balled into a tight fist as every muscle in his body tensed.
The second and third strikes landed just below his ass cheek, hitting the sweet spot. “Two, three,” Adam said as tears pooled in his eyes. Only two more to go, he told himself. If he could just make it through two more.
The fourth blow landed on the back of his thigh, and Adam nearly came. His hand slid down his shaft, and his balls tightened in anticipation. “Four,” he said, breathless this time.
The last lash was the hardest and landed just on the inside of his thigh. “Five!” Adam cried out as. Sweat covered his body as he came. His stickiness covered his hand and he milked his cock. His mind fell over the edge as the feeling of euphoria washed over him. He was beyond pain, beyond cognitive thought. The only thing that mattered was his Master’s desires. He lay there with his breathing coming in sharp gasps as the world around him spun.
“Good pup.” Sin patted his ass, running his fingertips along his marks. Adam was vaguely aware of the stinging sensation as he lay there, too gone to move.
“Get up.” Sin’s words stirred something inside him as he obeyed without thought, pushing himself to a kneeling position.
Sin walked around to Adam’s front, his cock pulsating with need. “Suck it.”
Those two words were all Adam needed.


  1. I loved Mating Moon. Can't wait to read Forbidden Moon. Thanks for the excerpt.

  2. Oh, my. I may need to buy a riding crop now. *swoon*

  3. I have found another series I want to read. I need to get the first book now! Thanks for the excerpt!

  4. I read both books and loved them equally. Adam and Sin were both sex on two leg!

  5. I have both books and can't wait to read them...this is a great excerpt...I'm definitely moving the books up on my TBR list.

  6. This is next on my TBR list. So many good books to read and little time to do it. I loved Mating Moon and can't wait to read this one as well.

  7. Ok I need to get this series.. :)

  8. These are so great, read them!

  9. Thank you for all the wonderful comments :) I hope you enjoy Forbidden Moon!

  10. Sounds really good. Off to Bookstrand to find the first one. Thanks for sharing Lexi.

  11. Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful comments and thank you Gabrielle for having me on your blog :)

  12. it sounds like a really good book really intense.


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